Center for Student Advising

The third part of the triune is developmental advising, which involves the guidance counselors. The guidance counselors help the students in achieving better self-understanding so they can develop intelligent decision-making skills that will ultimately lead to the realization of their full potentials.

The Center for Guidance and Counseling (CGC) provides developmental advising to all students starting from their entry as freshmen until graduation. CGC even tracks the alumni for the Graduate Tracer Study (GTS). The developmental advising comprises the following activities:

Completion of Cumulative Record Folder (CRF)
CRF is a file folder that contains all pertinent data on students related to student development. Part of CGC’s Appraising Service, this aims to systematically identify the characteristics and potentials of every student in order to promote better self-awareness and self-understanding.

Administration of Psychological Tests
In order to assist the students in achieving self-knowledge and self-realization, standardized psychological tests are being administered by the guidance counselors. Tests administered include intelligence tests for freshmen, personality tests for sophomores, and critical thinking appraisal for graduating students, among others. Testing is also part of CGC’s Appraising Service.

Intake Interview of all Freshmen
Intake interview pertains to the initial meeting of the counselor and the student. This part of CGC’s Counseling Service aims to introduce to freshmen the different services of the CGC as well as those of the CSA. This will also help establish rapport between counselors and students, making the latter feel welcome and comfortable in meeting their counselors. During the intake interview, the guidance counselor assures the student of his willingness to be of help, particularly during his adjustment to college life.

Routine Interview and Counseling
This is part of CGC’s Counseling Service wherein the guidance counselors work with either an individual student or a group of students to help them with their concerns such as their studies, problems with time management or cyber addiction, identity crisis, or to make a decision about their goals, relationships, and self-development.

Seminars and Trainings
Usually based on the results of the Student Needs Analysis, seminars and trainings are conducted by the guidance counselors to address specific needs of students and facilitate adjustment with their particular concerns.

Exit Interview for Graduating Students
This aims to assess the students’ experiences in the institute and to determine how they were helped to grow as persons and as future professionals.

Graduate Tracking
Aiming to reach out to alumni and find out how they have fared after graduation, this will help provide data regarding the graduates’ career experiences and their level of attainment of the intended program outcomes of the school. This involves sending of the online Graduate Tracer Study (GTS) Questionnaire to graduates, which will elicit information on how their academic preparation helped them in their career.