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Calendar of Activities 2013 - 2014





May 18

79th NAMA Homecoming

Manila Hotel


July 24/Wednesday/6:30pm

1st NAMA Board Meeting

Mapua Alumni Center

Sir George – Ong Tan

July 30/Tuesday/2:00pm

Courtesy with MIT President

Office of Dr. Reynaldo B. Vea


August 3/Saturday/6:00pm

NAMA Induction of Officers and Trustees (2013-2014)

27th Flr Constellation, Diamond Hotel


August 10-11/ Saturday-Sunday

Planning Session

Wonder Island, Calamba Laguna


August 14/ Wednesday 6:30pm

2nd NAMA Board Meeting

Mapua Alumni Center

Sir Celso Montalla

August 24/ Saturday 6:00pm

FOMI Homecoming

Mandarin Hotel


September 8/ Sunday

FIL-CHI Mooncake Festival

Crown Prince Seafood Restaurant


September 11/ Wednesday 6:30pm

3rd NAMA Board Meeting

Mapua Alumni Center

Sir Rod Cannu & Mam Evelyn Santos

Oct 4-6

Mtg with SAMA


Max Daquil/ Ayette Garcia

October 5 / Saturday

NAMA Outreach

Barangay Sampaloc Tanay Rizal


October 7/ Monday

Repacking of goods for Bulacan

GOT residence


October 9/ Wednesday 6:30pm

4th NAMA Board Meeting

Mapua Alumni Center(host C. Montalla)

*Sir Angel Jaurigue & Sir Robbie Moreno (reserve for May meeting)

October 19/ Saturday

CE-EnSE Homecoming

Celebrity Sports Plaza


October 26/ Saturday/2pm

MIT ChE-Chem Bowling Tournament

Metro Club


November 3/ Sunday

2nd Part NAMA Outreach

Baliuag Bulacan



Mtg with Singapore


Pres. George

November 13/Wednesday 6:30pm

5th NAMA Board Meeting

Mapua Alumni Center

Sir Emil Vergara & Sir Bobby Agoncillo

November 22/Friday

MEAAMIT Golf Tournament

Veterans Golf Course


November 23/ Saturday 6:00pm

CHE-Chem Homecoming

Sofitel Hotel


November 23/ Saturday 6:00pm

MITHSAAI Homecoming

Great Eastern Hotel



Mtg with the Cavite Cardinals


Pres. George

November 29

CE – EnSE Induction

Valle Verde Country Club


December 7/ Saturday

NAMA Christmas Party

Tramway Buffet Rest/Roxas Blvd

Sir Al Supetran

December 11/ Wednesday 6:30pm

6th NAMA Board Meeting

The Legend Seafood Rest


Dec. 15

Fil-Chi Christmas Party

Center Stage


Dec. 15

Castle Christmas Party

Golden Fortune


January 8, 2014/ Wednesday 6:30pm

7th NAMA Board Meeting

Mapua Alumni Center

Sir Jimmy Cancio

January 12, 2014

MEAAMIT Homecoming

Philippine Columbian, Plaza Dilao, Paco Manila


January 20-25, 2014

MIT Foundation Day

Mapua Intramuros


January 31,2014

CE Planning Meeting

MJK Farm Lipa City


February 4

Induction of ME

Jade Restaurant, Pasig City


February 8-9

Chechem Planning Session

Canyon Woods, Batangas


February 12/ Wednesday 6:30pm

8th NAMA Board Meeting

Mapua Alumni Center

Sir Freddie Yumang

February 16,2014

Induction FilChi

11am, The Legend


February 18,2014

NAMA Homecoming Mtg

NAMA Center


February 20, 2014

Commencement MIT



February 27,2014

Mtg with Parents-Students@MIT

MIT Intramuros

Freddie,Celso, Vic, Robbie, Glecy , Max

March 6/ Wednesday 6:30pm

9th NAMA Board Meeting

Mapua Alumni Center

Sir Rene Miranda/ Sir Tony Dela Torre

March 15,2014

Inter Affiliate Bowling Tournament



April 9/ Wednesday 6:30pm

10th NAMA Board Meeting

Mapua Alumni Center

Atty. Monalisa Buencamino &
Atty. Nimfa Pineda

May 14/ Wednesday 6:30pm

11th NAMA Board Meeting

Mapua Alumni Center

Sir George Ong-Tan &
Sir Freddie Yumang

May 17/Saturday

80th NAMA Homecoming

Manila Hotel


June 11/ Wednesday 6:30pm

12th NAMA Board Meeting

Mapua Alumni Center

Sir George Ong- Tan &
Mam Raquel Teodoro

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