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Foundation of Outstanding Mapuans, Inc. (FOMI) eNews

Volume No. 1

Issue No. 1 - President Doming Lagman and Board call for FOMI dynamism, excellence, and active membership involvement
Issue No. 2 - FOMI Adopts 2016-17 Theme: "Ledership, Service, and Fellowship for Nationbuilding"
Issue No. 3 - From 3D Rendition To A Real Pedestrian Suspension Footbridge Soon!; FOMI Welcomes NAMA-MIT 2016 TOM Awardees"
Issue No. 4 - FOMI Board pays courtesy visit to MIT President Rey Vea; FOMI Adviser Wilson Tieng pledges support to foundation; NAMA President Jimmy Cancio vows cooperation with FOMI"
Issue No. 5 - FOMI Sets 19th General Assembly and Reunion February 11, 2017
Issue No. 6 - Crossing the Casili River.. from age-old bamboo raft... to modern-age Suspension Footbridge
Issue No. 7 - MAPUA Alumni Suspension Footbridge Across Casili River Nears Completion!
Issue No. 8 - Sitio Casili School Community Anxiously Awaiting Completion of FOMI-Initiated MAPUA Alumni Pedestrian Bridge
Issue No. 9 - FOMI Pilgrimages to Shrines of Saint Padre Pio in Sto. Tomas, Batangas and Kamay ni Hesus in Lucban, Quezon
Issue No. 10 - FOMI-NAMA Casili Bridge Inauguration Set October 22, 2016
Issue No. 11 - Casili Pedestrian Suspension Bridge Opens October 22, 2016
Issue No. 12 - FOMI-NAMA Inaugurates Casili Pedestrian Suspension Bridge
Extra Issue No.1 - Casili Pedestrian Suspension Bridge Information Sheet
Issue No. 13 - Congratulations to Project Coordinator Rod, FOMI and NAMA: Service on top of Excellence!
Issue No. 14 - Casili Bridge Congratulatory Messages to FOMI & NAMA
Issue No. 15 - FOMI President Doming Lagman's Christmas Message
Issue No. 16 - FOMI President Doming Lagman's Cordial Invitation to 19th General Assembly and Reunion
Extra Issue No.2 - President Duterte confers Presidential Awards to outstanding overseas Filipios including two MIT TOMs
Issue No. 17 - FOMI to Conduct Forum on "Innovations in Engineering and Business"
Issue No. 18 - FOMI President Domingo L. Lagman, Officers, Trustees, and Advisers Vow Very Warm Welcome and Fellowship During FOMI 19th General Assembly and Reunion"
Issue No. 19 - FOMI 19th General Assembly & Reunion Saturday, February 11, 2017, Fiesta Pavilion, Manila Hotel
Issue No. 20 - FOMI 19th General Assembly & Reunion Saturday, February 11, 2017, Fiesta Pavilion, Manila Hotel (Part 2)
Issue No. 21 - FOMI-NAMA Donors Visit at Casili Suspension Bridge at Regina Rica on February 17, 2017
Issue No. 22 - Sixteen FOMI Pilgrims Visit Holy Land Subic Sanctuary and Biblical Theme Park on Sunday, March 26, 2017

Volume No. 2

Issue No. 23 - 2017 -2018 newly elected FOMI Officers and Board of Trustees
Issue No. 24 - Technology Oriented Mindset
Issue No. 25 - FOMI Celebrates 20 Years of Leadership, Service and Fellowship