Center for Student Advising

Academic advising involves the faculty members who are designated as academic advisers. They take care of the academic needs of the students enrolled in their respective programs, and monitor the scholastic performance of the students by assisting them in choosing the group of courses they need to take to ensure that they fulfill the curriculum requirements in the most effective and efficient manner. The Academic advising is comprised of multiple advising units: Course Advisers, Enrolment Advisers and Program Advisers.

Course Advisers

This includes the professors who accommodate the student’s concerns related to their currently enrolled courses. Students may seek assistance from their course advisers on their declared advising hours which may vary every term.

Enrolment Advisers

Also known as the special faculty advisers (SFAs), they are tasked to assist students during enrolment in changing courses, adding or deleting courses, changing sections, waiving of prerequisites, requesting inclusion to a section, requesting a course overload, opening of class tutorials, among others.

Program Advisers

Also known as curricular advisers, they serve as the primary contact for academic advice of all students regarding their degree program. Program advisers are usually the dean of the school, the program coordinator and/or any of the faculty expert assigned by the dean.