Vision and Mission


The Faculty Development Office shall create a new breed of engineering, science, and architecture educators who will be the primary assets of the Mapúa University (Mapúa) in the attainment of its mission and goals.


The Faculty Development Office aims to produce highly competent and dedicated faculty members who will deliver quality education at Mapúa, and perform excellent research and extension work that will propel Mapúa to its place in the academic world as a leading institution of engineering, science, and architecture in the country.


The program aims to accomplish the following:

  • To equip the faculty with the ability to create effective teaching and learning situations in the classroom.
  • To improve the engineering and technical competence of the faculty.
  • To equip the faculty with the necessary tools to conduct relevant scientific and technological research.
  • To produce faculty with improved supervisory and management skills.
  • To improve the values of the faculty especially their attitude toward continuous improvement of the quality of instruction.
  • To make the faculty familiar with educational movements and progress in educational thought and research.
  • To help the faculty reach their professional goals, and heighten their sense of security and self-esteem.
  • To prepare the faculty for a globally-oriented professional direction along their specific fields of specialization.