Office of International Career & Exchange Programs

In the time of global economies and globalization of industries, a good and strong educational foundation that is recognized internationally is a must-have for a professional who aims for success anywhere in the globe.

Mapúa’s Office of International Career & Exchange Programs provide for programs and support for international academic activities. Furthermore, the office provides assistance and guidance to both degree-seeking and exchange students in academic, social, and cultural aspects. Complementing the Institute’s internationally academic program offerings, the Office of International Career & Exchange Programs also forges partnerships to create opportunities for international exposure of students and the faculty through international internships, student and faculty exchange programs, plant visits abroad, and international summer camps.






Simon Hedegård Jessen

I can surely say that without any regret, my exchange program at Chung Yuan Christian University is one of the most memorable experiences in my life. Taiwanese people, in general, are very welcoming and friendly, which helped me to feel at home very quickly. There I studied a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering and did my master’s thesis since Taiwan is an advanced country in terms of industrial engineering education. My adviser helped me broaden my point of view of my research and eventually successfully defending it.

... I encourage everyone to go on the exchange since it can open a lot of opportunities and hone your capabilities


Jesse Jed Ethelbert Lim

It is an honor to be part of the exchange student program because I am not just representing my university but also my country. …there are many benefits that opens to my life such as connection with other foreign people, learning about academics and as well in life, opportunity to work abroad and the edge of studying in one of the best performing engineering school in Korea. I am encouraging my fellow students to explore not just locally but also in abroad. Grab the opportunity to study or attend some workshops abroad. So, we get insights and to help our country for the better future.


Alyssa Nicole M. Magbanua

I was both overwhelmed and nervous since we are the first ever Filipinos to be able to participate and was able to receive a scholarship which was funded by the government of Canada…

…I was grateful to be able to experience the life abroad. I was able to meet new friends and was also able to learn different cultures since Canada is a diverse country.


Celia Gordon-Alonso

... When I first arrived in the Philippines, I was appalled by the cultural shock given the large cultural difference between the Philippines and Spain. However, I am pleased to say this difference becomes minuscule when the hospitality of the Filipinos is considered, and now, six months after I have not only embraced the Filipino culture but grown to adore it.

This life-changing experience has been the most enriching one of my life and I can only be grateful to have been able to undergo and learn from countless incredible experiences I would have never be exposed to in my home country. I strongly recommend people to come to the Philippines to experience and embrace what this wonderful country has to offer and to do so in one of the most prestigious universities in the world, Mapúa University.

Maraming salamat po for this incredible opportunity!