Office of International Career & Exchange Programs

In the time of global economies and globalization of industries, a good and strong educational foundation that is recognized internationally is a must-have for a professional who aims for success anywhere in the globe.

Mapúa’s Office of International Career & Exchange Programs provide for programs and support for international academic activities. Furthermore, the office provides assistance and guidance to both degree-seeking and exchange students in academic, social, and cultural aspects. Complementing the Institute’s internationally academic program offerings, the Office of International Career & Exchange Programs also forges partnerships to create opportunities for international exposure of students and the faculty through international internships, student and faculty exchange programs, plant visits abroad, and international summer camps.


Successful Applicants



Simon Hedegård Jessen

The Mapúa REILE Summer School has been a life-lasting experience. From the second we arrived in the Philippines we have only met happy and smiling people, whom were always willing to help and guide us through our last three weeks. The course-related aspects of this summer school have overall been on a high academic level, where we have gained valuable knowledge on all matters of the renewable energies in the Philippines.


Daiki Asakawa

It was the first time I went abroad. I went to the Philippines, studied its culture and history, and tasted Filipino food which was a very good experience. I also made a lot of friends during my stay. Looking back at the photos, I feel like I want to go back.


Alyssa Yvonne Alipis

Oversea opportunities of longer term aren't always easy to obtain as an undergraduate student, but through Mapúa University's dual-degree program in partnership with Kumoh National Institute of Technology in South Korea, students of our own are opened to wider possibilities of enhanced qualities.