Center for Student Advising

Peer advising, the second in the triune of student advising, involves the peer advisers. The peer advisers are volunteer students who provide free tutorial on subjects such as mathematics, chemistry, physics, professional courses as well as conversational English and Filipino. They also provide opportunities to increase their fellow students’ social skills.

This is for every student of MapúaMapúa and it involves, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Providing peer mentoring;
  • Strengthening relationship with other students, especially with senior students.

To be a peer adviser, a student may be:

  • A Volunteer
  • Invited by CSA
  • Recommended by the dean/faculty

A peer adviser is expected to be of good academic standing. They must pass the course-specific qualifying exam by obtaining a 70% score or better. In addition, qualified peer advisers still undergo both refresher and enrichment courses on the subject matter they are tasked to teach.

Moreover, the peer advisers are given training seminars on topics such as time-management, study habits, strategies on teaching, peer advising, and the likes.

Peer Advisers' Testimonials

Advisers' Testimonials

Peer Advisees' Testimonials

Advisees' Testimonials