6 Must Have Apps for Engineering Freshies

It’s a given that studying in an engineering university in Manila is hard, regardless of what specific field of engineering it is you are taking. However, there are ways to make studying less stressful for freshies. One way is by downloading a few mobile apps that will make learning convenient for you. And no, you don’t need to look any further–as here’s a list of 6 apps that will surely help you in your first year as an engineering student!


AutoCAD 360

The AutoCAD 360 is a mobile version of Autodesk’s popular AutoCAD software. It is highly recommended for engineering students, as engineers are likely to use AutoCAD in some form or another every day. This app allows you to view and edit your AutoCAD drawings in your own phone or mobile device, little different from when using your desktop.

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is a search engine specifically designed to find answers to questions in any engineering field. You simply input your question and then the app will scan through its database and recorded external sources to provide answers to the question. This app provides its results both as links to websites which have answers to your question, and as actual answers generated by the app itself.

Engineering Unit Converter

Converting units of energy, length, entropy, and electric charge among others to S.I. units is one of the most common problems that an engineering student will have in his/her daily college life. However, with this app, you only need to select the category that you want to convert and input the unit to be converted, and the app performs the rest of the process for you.


This is an app specifically designed for use by Electrical Engineering and Electronics students. Electrodroid serves as a database for information needed by students and professionals to solve problems with. Coming in free and premium versions differentiated by the ad-free feature of the latter, this app is available for multiple platforms, such as Apple, Android, Blackberry, and Windows.

Autodesk ForceEffect Motion

This app allows you to develop moving mechanical systems on your devices. Unlike with pen and paper, with this app you can simulate your design’s performance even during conceptualization, with the app performing all the necessary calculations for you on your device.

Engineering Pro

Engineering Pro is a regularly-updated database recording over six hundred formulas of use in all fields of engineering. The app also allows you to save or favorite your most needed/used formulas for greater ease of use in the future, though it comes with a hefty 11.99 USD price tag.


Truly, there are a lot of apps specifically designed for engineering hopefuls like you – so don’t miss the opportunity to make things less complicated and more convenient. Download these apps and enjoy your journey as an engineering student!


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