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Information Technology (IT) is one of the top academic programs people choose to study. Top IT schools in Manila offer various programs, from bachelor’s degrees to graduate programs as well as specialized crash courses, catering to a wide array of professions.

However, learning and development in IT is an ongoing process. It is a fast-evolving industry, and IT professionals need to constantly update their knowledge and upgrade their skills to overcome challenges and successfully perform tasks. Fortunately, in doing their jobs, IT pros can also find a friend in technology in the form apps.

Here are some Android apps that IT graduates should give a try.


ConnectBot is an Android app that enables users to work on multiple servers and through firewalls. It supports and secures file transfers between phones. In addition, this tool allows you to manage simultaneous tasks, including generating secure tunnels. One of the great features of this app is its ability to save your previous work, which makes it easier for you to pick up right where you left off. Furthermore, it is compatible with all of your devices, making it a handy tool on the go.

Linux Monitor

With Linux Monitor, IT students and professionals will definitely have an easier time monitoring the essentials, such as network activity, port activity, RAM usage, disk usage, and CPU load. All of their stats will be displayed through progress bars and numbers.

Wi-Fi Analyzer

Wi-Fi Analyzer will help you find a less populated channel where you can run your access points and wireless routers. This app allows you to inspect your usage, verify your Wi-Fi security, and troubleshoot your Wi-Fi network issues.

Astro File Manager

Are you having troubles managing multiple apps and files on your phone? Astro File Manager can help you handle all the files and apps that you must have. It will manage your mobile apps in folders, together with their content, to help you easily navigate them whenever you need to.


RouterPasswords sure is a handy Android app for every IT personnel who handle modems and routers in their work. Basically, this app provides the default login information for 1000+ network components. There’s no need for you to connect to the Internet to access the details, which is really convenient particularly when you are having issues connecting to the Internet in the first place.

These various Android apps have been designed to assist IT pros—whether they are in tech support, in network admin, or in mobile app development. By using these apps, they are most likely to complete more tasks by the end of each day.


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