5 Top Useful Apps for College Students

New technology and innovations have enabled students to learn in a variety of ways. One such innovation is the creation of different apps that drastically changed how students juggle their academic and extra-curricular activities. Students, especially those studying in the top engineering schools in the Philippines, can take advantage of various productivity tools to enhance their learning experience and time management amid the demanding academic scene.

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Overcome academic struggles by using the following tools created to increase productivity.


Available for: PC and iPad

MindGenius is an online tool that enables you to manage information and increase your productivity. This productivity app is a downloadable software and has a one month free trial. Users can manage various projects at the same time and can tick off items on their checklist. It also has map creation and navigation, which allows users to create or select template to use in their brainstorming and strategy planning.


Available for: Android and Apple devices

If you are the type of person that experience difficulty handling various tasks at the same time, Todoist is the perfect productivity app for you. This app allows you to manage your tasks, be it offline or online. Users can also manage team projects since it allows collaboration between users.


Available for: PC and Mac platform

WritingHouse is an app that enables users to create a cited page in no time! This online app is an automatic bibliography and citation maker and supports different citation styles, such as APA and MLA. Users just have to choose their preferred citation style and the app will automatically format your work.


Available for: PC and Mac platform

Need to manage different types of files? Zoho.com might be the perfect tool for you. This online tool consists of various apps that enable students to manage their presentations, import and export different types of files, as well as organize large documents. Furthermore, Zoho also lets students access their files from their smartphones since the platform is optimized for mobile. All of its apps are flexible and simple to use, making it extremely convenient for students.

My Fitness Pal

Available for:  Android and Apple devices

Dealing with heavy school work will definitely affect the state of your mind and body. Luckily enough, there is an app that can help you become productive and maintain your health as well—My Fitness Pal.

My Fitness Pal is a health app that allows you to track the food you consume and the exercises you perform. Furthermore, My Fitness Pal also provides forums, wherein users can motivate and support each other in staying fit.

Technology is truly a gift. With these apps, you can be able to better manage your heavy school load and personal activities.


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