Investing in the Future: The IT Industry of the Philippines


The Philippines’ Information Technology and Business Process Management sector is considered to be one of the best in the global scale to date. The top IT school in Manila – Mapúa – can certainly take credit for constantly producing qualified professionals to fill all slots required. As it is, The IT BMP Industry of the Philippines is a continuously growing sector that provides thousands of jobs to the country. The industry continues to boost the country’s economy by providing outsourced services to foreign investors, and the rapid growth and development of the employee workforce in both voice and non-voice departments have allowed for the sector to account for 67% of the country’s total revenue in 2011.

Global Outsourcing

Companies outsource to other companies in order for them to be worry-free of the secondary standard activities that can be accomplished by others.  This gives them the freedom to focus on their main business functions as a company.  The advent of globalization has allowed for countries to lower their barriers with one another for the importance of trade.  This has allowed for companies to explore alternatives such as location in order for them to lower operating costs without having to sacrifice the quality of the services that they provide for their customers.  Growth in outsourcing to other locations saw a dramatic increase in the past decade.  The increase can be accounted for the rapid advancement in technology, with the internet providing a cost-efficient and timely delivered service.

Investing in the Industry

The local Information Technology and Business Process Management sector accounts for a large portion of the nation’s gross domestic product.  The Republic of the Philippines has acknowledged the said industry as a key driving force for the country’s growth and employment in its Medium term of Philippine Development in 2005-2010.  The country gained enough traction and attention from the rest of the world as a leading BPO service provider in recent years due to the availability and the mere ability of professionals that have the required cultural rapport, language skills, and effortless Customer Service Orientation of the workforce behind the said industry.

The IT Future

The incredible, albeit aggressive, advancement in Information Technology in recent years has allowed for the Philippines to pick up the pace in keeping up with the required outsourcing skills and abilities of the workforce in the industry.  The country’s Department of Trade and Industry gives the following definition on Business Process Outsourcing:

“The delegation of service-type business processed to a third party service provider”.

The depth and coverage of the aforementioned services evolved into higher value offerings and are generally divided into the following categories:

  1. Contact Centres
  2. Back-Office Services
  3. Data Transcription
  4. Animation
  5. Software Development
  6. Engineering Development
  7. Game Development

Educational institutions like Mapúa Institute of Technology are progressive in what they were able to foresee that Information Technology will have an exponential growth potential of the industry in the country.  Today, the Philippine Government, the whole private sector of the industry, as well as the  academe are all working together in order to further buoy growth and progress in the country.


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