Debunking Engineering’s Biggest Myths

Even the top engineering schools in the Philippines have to deal with all the preconceptions outsiders may have about the courses they offer. Due to the rather exclusive nature of the field of engineering and related sciences, they are plagued with myths about what it’s like to study or practice it. It’s about time that they got debunked.


“Engineering students are social shut-ins.”

While it is true that mastering engineering requires a lot of time and effort, it is not the single and defining trait of an engineering student. Much like anyone else, theyare free to partake in activities of all kinds. They can join clubs, be part of extracurricular happenings, and hang out with others whenever they find themselves free. It is absurd to think that what they’re studying is what makes them who they are, after all.

“Engineers can repair everything.”

Just like learning about any other subject, a strong grasp of the basics is required. By studying everyday items and seeing how basic principles can be applied in a practical sense, they can boost their knowledge and understanding of whatever it is they are trying to study. While they have the potential to become repairmen, they also have the choice not to be. In fact, engineers are bound to simply a create a new and a more efficient version of whatever it is that you wanted fixed in the first place.

Also, when one says “engineer”, it can refer to an astoundingly wide range of fields. There are aerospace engineers, agricultural engineers, chemical engineers, computer systems engineers, mechanical engineers, resource engineers, and even telecommunications engineers. Those are but a few of what is available so referring to them all as if it can all fall under one discipline may be considered to be not appropriate.

“It’s a boy’s club.”

In the past, there have been issues with gender equality within engineering, but nowadays it has seen improvement. According to a study from Aspiring Minds, women in India – who in the past have aggressively shied away from related fields – are now more proactive in pursuing engineering and science courses. Times have changed, and naturally, people have along with it.

“Engineers are purely logical.”

This is only true when they have to deal with the technical aspects of their projects. But for the most part, engineering also requires a modest amount of creativity. Conceptualizing, designing, and ultimately, creating something that can solve a problem or help an effort is not so simple. Engineers have to think outside the box most of the time. For example, architects cannot simply stack bricks together and call it a house. They have to consider the costs, the design, the materials needed, etc. In addition, engineers must also learn to work within the confines of reality.

For the right people, it’s an extremely fun job – getting to create helpful innovations or solve existing problems can be extremely fulfilling!

Start Your Engineering Journey in Mapúa

Mapúa Institute of Technology is the Philippines’ biggest engineering school. For nine decades, we perfected the formula for high-quality technical instruction. We continue to improve our teaching standards and we have committed to become a part of the solution to various environmental issues worldwide. Our core values emphasize discipline, excellence, commitment, integrity, and relevance, which will guarantee the success of every student. For more information, feel free to visit us at Muralla St., Intramuros, Manila, Metro Manila or call us at (02) 247-5000. You may also visit our website at


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