Across the Universe with Fiction

The human mind is one of the most mysterious things in the universe. It is capable of so many things. Some theosophists even suggest that the universe exists simply in the mind of a supreme being. While this may not necessarily be true, it does however make sense psychologically: See, the mind is capable of both creation and destruction making each and every person capable of being extremely powerful, at least in their own heads. Man’s intellect is a great potential that he has and is what sets him apart from the other creatures. The mind is naturally creative and this ability can be harnessed by studying in an architecture university in Manila. By studying architecture, the mind is given an opportunity to focus and think of possibilities in creative design.


Aside from studying architecture, the powerful ability of the mind can also be exercised in writing and reading. One example is authors and their books. Books represent a world created in the mind of the author. The readers’ minds then imagine that world for their own. Essentially speaking, the process of creation begins with the author and is continued by the reader’s own interpretation of the world created in the book. A book is an author’s greatest creation, as it is a universe within a universe.

Fiction books, unlike academic text, encourages imagination of an alternate universe created by an author. It satisfies man’s innate nature to be inquisitive. Fiction books tickle the mind and reveal the innermost thoughts of their respective authors. Such a tool is good in nurturing creativity and molding the mind because of the wonders that inspire in the reader.

Books are extremely powerful tools. The pen is greater than the sword, they say. A book can create or destroy empires and entire worlds. In history, some books and texts were actually used for propaganda—and most of the time, it worked. Books are powerful, as these can influence the limitless potential that is the human mind.

Man has been gifted with an intellect. This gift demands to be nurtured by using it in worthwhile endeavors like studying architecture or reading fiction books. Man should always fill his sponge-like mind with useful knowledge to be able to have a broader vision of the world.


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