The benefits of exercise to studying

One of the many benefits of studying in one of the top engineering schools in the Philippines is the fact that learning is supplemented by many factors. Professors are always ready to help their students, and there are many activities to aid learning, not to mention help relieve stress in both students and faculty alike. One of the lesser-known things about studying is that it can be made effective by many different things, such as proper diet and study habits. In truth, studying is one of the most fun activities that a person can do.


Healthy Body, Strong Mind

However, one of the activities least correlated to studying is proper exercise. A healthy body makes a sharper mind. Studying while keeping a healthy regimen is one of the best things a student can do for himself.

Benefits of Exercising

People who exercise tend to be healthier and are more likely happier due to the fact that they both look and feel better.

Exercising properly regulates the body’s hormones and enables the release of various hormones that promote happiness such as endorphin and serotonin.

Exercise also allows blood to travel faster around the body. This ensures that the brain receives more oxygen and nutrients, making exercising truly beneficial to studying.


Exercise, of course, goes hand in hand with proper diet. The food that people consume affects their mental aptitude as much as it affects their physical well-being. People who eat junk food are more likely to be forgetful and unhealthy due to lack of essential nutrients.

In summary, what is good for the heart is good for the mind. Taking care of your body has a direct and undeniable effect on your brain. Also keep in mind that even exercising and studying have to be done in moderation. Finding a healthy balance between studying, exercising, and personal life is the key to enjoying a fruitful student life.


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