Snack on this: Foods that help in studying


Studying in one of the best civil engineering universities in Manila provides with a lot of opportunities for growth. Learning in a nurturing environment, surrounded by like-minded peers, and being taught and honed by some of the brightest minds in the industry sound like a paradise for people who want to learn. Studying can get quite difficult, but it doesn’t have to be boring. People, especially those who are motivated by the prospects of future success as well as by the chance of bettering themselves as individuals and as future contributors in their chosen field, should see the important value of studying.

Studying as a Lifestyle

Many people devote their entire lives to learning. There are many documented records of scientists, philosophers, and even military leaders who claim that they are eternal students, devoted to the art of learning. Ancient Chinese scholars also believed that studying, as opposed to becoming decorated warriors, was an honor in itself. This is because Confucianism, their core set of virtues back then, dictated that there are two paths to success: either thrive as a fighter or excel as an intellectual.

Some of the most in-demand fields in the professional world require their practitioners to make studying a lifestyle and not merely a hobby. Professions that thrive on learning include teachers, politicians, doctors, lawyers, and of course, engineers. While there are many more fields that require constant studying, these professions are the most common jobs that make it a necessity to adapt with the continuous changes in the fast-paced world.

This may sound hectic and harsh, but that is the reality of being a modern professional. You are only as important as the last lecture or seminar that you attended. However, many people find the pursuit of knowledge to be enjoyable and less of a nuisance than many people would otherwise think.

Supplementing Studying

Studying may be tedious and boring for most people, but it is actually quite fun when you get the hang of it. A great way to make studying both fun and more efficient is modifying your diet to consume foods that are healthy for both the mind and the body. Here are some examples of food that can help in your studying:

  1. Whole Grains – Studying can be a tiring task, which is why many dieticians recommend whole grain food for people who are studying, more so for important exams. The body requires and consumes a large amount of energy, and whole grains can meet that demand. Not only are they good for efficiency, they are also healthy.
  2. Fish, Oily Fish – Fish that are rich in omega-3 fats promote healthier brain function. Consuming food rich in this nutrient promote better learning and retention.
  3. Vegetables – Of course, a way better alternative to junk food, vegetables are recommended for both studying and lifestyle in general. Greens, especially those that are rich in Vitamin K, promote healthier bodily function as well as better brain development. Foods rich in Vitamin K improve cognitive function as well as the brain’s overall capacity for thinking.

While it is important to consume these food items in order to make studying a little better and more efficient, they are, after all, a means to an end. Eating them will not make studying infinitely easier, but they definitely are a big help along the way.


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