Why taking notes is very important

To have a good career or profession in the future, one must choose carefully the academic program that he will take in college according to his interests and skills. One academic program that is emerging or in demand is Technical Communication. In the vast fields of science and technology, career opportunities for Technical Communication graduates are countless.

Best Technical Communication School Manila

One of the best Technical Communication schools in Manila, Mapúa adheres to global academic standards and upholds essential core values. Through these, coupled with the brightest professors and facilities that provide a comfortable learning environment, it paves the way for students toward the realization of their dreams.

The Study of How Students Study

However, apart from the curricula a school is using and the academic resources and tools or equipment that it provides in aid of teaching, of equal importance in a student’s learning is his study habits. A good example of an integral study habit that students must have is taking notes.

Study has shown that writing, whether done with pen or keyboard, bring into play different cognitive processes. It allows for increased learning, as it develops thinking, reasoning, imagining, and remembering.

Students may have different ways of taking notes, but it is always encouraged. With this habit, one is able to improve his ability to summarize information and comprehend. Teachers can use this knowledge to their advantage in becoming more effective.

The secret in teaching lessons lies in making the topic interesting, straight to the point, and satisfying enough to keep the student’s attention even after 20 minutes of lecturing. Studies also show that students who find their lessons interesting are more likely to take more detailed notes.

The Benefits of Taking Notes

Many students find note taking a troublesome act. However, the benefits of note taking vastly outweigh the cons, and with proper note taking, studying and passing exams can become easier. More importantly, it makes learning more fun and more natural in the long run. Here are some benefits of taking notes:

  1. Focus – Practicing proper note taking is noted to increase the attention to detail as well as the focus of individuals. Focus is necessary in multitasking, a trait sought-after by most job hunters. Leaders believe that individuals who have focus are more likely to do a better and more thorough job, therefore increasing productivity and showing positive results in the workplace.
  2. Learning – Note taking stimulates the part of the brain that promotes learning. Like every muscle in the body, the brain can be trained to learn easily in order to absorb new and more information quickly.
  3. Retention – With respect to learning, note taking also promotes retention. While learning is an important aspect of schooling, retention too is a necessary end goal. People can potentially learn a huge amount of information, but it will be useless if not retained. Note taking promotes positive memory as well as the ability to retain information because the mind becomes an active component in studying.
  4. Organization – Note taking passively increases the likelihood of the student to become more organized. Being organized allows an individual to prioritize tasks and to finish work on time.

There are many more benefits to note taking, but practicing proper note taking is also a necessary skill.


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  1. Jose Salvador Go (ChE-72) says:

    Three ways how to learn, namely: listening, reading and writing. The best is writing and the worst is listening.

  1. August 25, 2016

    […] have different learning styles. Most take notes, others rely on visual aids for better understanding, and some do audio recordings of the lessons […]

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