The Afterschool: Broadening Your Horizons

The school is the place where students learn. It is in this place where the mind is fed with information that will be useful in the future. But, schooling is just one part of the picture of learning. Learning is a life-long and daily process. Learning can take place anytime and anywhere. While reading this article, you are learning. When you surf the Internet later, you will also be learning.


The human mind is truly a wondrous thing because it can be willfully developed and enhanced. Younger people have more malleable minds where you can put more information. So, one has to utilize each moment in his life to learn. After school, students can browse for online tutorials on several useful computer applications, or attend classes or seminars, or practice technical skills.

It is advantageous to explore possibilities in the field of Information Technology, as this is emerging in our time. The field of Information Technology is often compared to that of a hydra because when one thinks that he has conquered the head, two more shall pop out. Simply put, IT is one of the fastest growing fields in the world because discoveries are made every day and advancements in research are plentiful.

While studying in the top IT school in Manila can do much for your knowledge already, here are other suggestions on how you can further enhance your existing skillset:


  1. Photoshop – Photo manipulation is one of the most in-demand skills in the field of IT. Knowing Photoshop is a great advantage in the field of arts and design. It’s a great fit for advertising, marketing, or even in owning a business. While professional help is available, learning Photoshop on your own is entirely possible with self-help guides on YouTube or on other video platforms.


  1. Video Editing – Like photo manipulation, video editing is one of the most sought-after skills in the field of Information Technology. Having the know-how to edit pictures and create slick videos will definitely give you an edge.


  1. Typing – While majority of the youth of today certainly know how to use the Internet as well as a keyboard, it takes a special dedication to learn how to type effectively. Typing is one of the most important skills in the repertoire of an employee. Typing speed and accuracy determines productivity as well as the amount of output an employee can deliver in a single workday. Typing is one of the foremost skills HR specialists look for whenever they scout for talents.


  1. WordPress – While blogging is indeed an art form on its own, it also helps to learn how to manipulate and tinker with WordPress. WP is one of the biggest platforms in the world today, and many advertising firms as well as web developers rely on the WordPress format in creating and designing their websites. WordPress is free and like the previous entries, it is easily learned using self-help videos and articles freely available on the web.


These are but few skills you can explore and learn after school, during your breaks and free time. Make good use of your time. Perseverance and industriousness are the keys here. Don’t be satisfied with just finishing your task. Explore other possibilities. Enrich yourself and broaden your horizons.


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