8 Types of Professors You’ll Meet in College

All college students experience remarkable, unusual, and heartbreaking moments in their college life. This is true even for those enrolled in top tier civil engineering universities in Manila; they go through tons of experiences at school. One of these is meeting professors with different personalities. Here are eight types of professors a student meets in college:

  1. The ‘Terror’

There is always this one, at least one, that a student meets in his entire college life: the impossible, the difficult, and the do-I-have-to-repeat-myself kind of professor. Tough luck that this professor is the only one teaching a subject that you have to take, the only thing left for you to do is to endure him. But you don’t have to be a sore loser in this one. Take this as an opportunity to become one of the best students at school. Study hard, be very attentive and participative, have the burning desire to learn. When you come to class well prepared, you will realize that there is nothing to fear.

2.   The ‘Best’

The students like the way this professor teaches. With the interesting stories he tells, whether based on his experiences or on what he learned from his professors or colleagues, students are always encouraged to attend his classes. You may never even feel like you are attending an academic class because he will make you feel like you’re in the same click or barkada when he talks. Now this is an opportunity for you to learn more. Take advantage of the situation by asking this professor more questions, probably about topics which you are having difficulty understanding. This professor would always love to share his knowledge with you.


3.   The ‘Tardy’

Queen Clarisse in Princess Diaries said, “A queen is never late. Everyone else is simply early.” Now, there are a number of college educators who agree with her majesty. A tardy professor always shows up late, and gives a lot of excuses to make up for his tardiness, that is if he would care to give at all. Students assume he won’t come in, but surprisingly, he shows up five minutes before the cutoff. Come prepared in his class because you will never know if he’s absent or just taking his time. Also, be in class before he comes.

4.   The ‘Details’

PowerPoint presentations and printed-out documents are this type of professor’s weapons. He provides each class with a certain presentation that’s just too detailed and organized. It may be an advantage to some, but it may seem too scholarly for the others and makes it difficult for the entire class to catch up. But once you encounter this professor, make sure to keep track of all the lessons he gives and bring all the requirements to pass his class.

5.   The ‘Bore’

It’s going to be hard to stay awake in his class so eat, drink, or do everything to be wide awake. He might be most likely an oldie, but an expert in his field. He could also be a newbie who still doesn’t know how to handle a class.  A key to staying awake in the class is to engage in the discussion. Feel free to agree or disagree, to ask questions, or to share your educated opinion. It is always fulfilling for a students to know that he has contributed in the learning process in the classroom.

 6.   The ‘Friendly’

He’s everyone’s friend. You see him hanging out with students in a bar, a restaurant, in a party, and actually doesn’t mind but rather enjoys this kind of friendship. He can be chill outside but he makes sure that his students still participate respectfully in the class. You can dub them as the ‘cool’ one.

7.   The ‘Busy’

Ah, the one who does tons of things? The lifestyle of this professor is having post-graduate studies, spending time with his own spouse and kids, and working on multiple jobs. He might mix things up and get confused, so be updated on the lessons to set his mind on track. Juggling a lot of duties is certainly hard, so give credit to this professor for everything he’s doing. Hey, you might get free class periods with this type of professor.

8.   The ‘Future’

By future, we mean your life after college. This is the professor who will give you life lessons, grand realizations, and resolutions. It’s best to have this type of professor as an upperclassman rather than as a freshman because he can give you invaluable tips such as drafting résumés and surviving professional life. He can also serve as your mentor to give you wisdom and pieces of advice to help you excel. So once you meet this type of professor, make sure to keep in touch!


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