The Art of Communication

Effective communication is one of the most important skills a student must learn, especially when studying in some of the best technical communication schools in Manila. Not only will it avoid awkward situations due to miscommunication, it will also allow people who practice it to develop their confidence in their own decision-making.

In practicing effective communication, one can practice effective leadership as well. Leadership is a key aspect in any competitive company, and what better place to employ such skill than in a prestigious institution such as Mapúa? This trait is valued by human resources looking for highly qualified talent and people in management, as good leadership skills portray willingness to work in a team—a trait valued in the corporate world as well. Communication and leadership go hand in hand because they require one another to be effective in either trait. Good leaders are only considered good if they can communicate properly with their team and clients. People who are good in communication with others tend to have great leadership skills. A great example is Martin Luther King Jr., who fought for the rights of African-Americans back in the final days of the last century. He was known to be extremely charismatic, often recruiting people to his cause with words alone. He communicated his ideals for equal rights for African-Americans and now people remember him both as a fighter for peace as well as one of the most charismatic speakers to have ever lived.

Simply put, having the ability to communicate your thoughts effectively to other people is a key to becoming a great leader in your own right. Even the most efficient members cannot function without the guidance of an able leader. While leadership is often seen as a managerial trait, it can also be seen in people who are aiming to prove themselves in a competitive environment.

Communicating effectively may seem like an arduous trait to practice, it is actually pretty easy to learn. There are three parts in effective communication:

  1. Expression – An essential aspect of leadership is making people want to do something ‘boring’. This is true in the corporate world because even if a person loves his job, not all tasks are to his liking. Some people may prefer to do paperwork, while others would rather spend their day outdoors doing sales. At the end of the day, leadership is about inspiring people to go out of their comfort zone, and this can be done through effective expression.
  1. Trust – In order for a working relationship to become successful, there has to be a strong sense of trust between two parties—that of the employee and his superior. Trust is an important aspect because the lack of it will lead to problems along the line. There are two ways of earning trust, and these are honesty and delivering on promises. People will not trust leaders who can only “talk” without communicating and at the same time, superiors will not trust employees who cannot follow instructions.
  1. Kindness – Leaders can only inspire their followers if the followers believe in the leader’s values and beliefs. One of the best ways of earning your followers’ faith is through kindness. Leaders are people in a position of authority, but people who abuse this authority are looked upon in a negative manner, therefore becoming an ineffective leader in the eyes of their followers.

Effective communication is truly important for students and for people who are going out into the workforce in the future.  Leadership cannot exist without effective communication, and good communication is needed to become a leader worthy of respect.


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