Retention: The Art of Remembering


Studying in a top engineering school in the Philippines is definitely a fun and challenging experience. However, one of the many difficulties that the students face is the great number of new things to study and learn. The traditional way of studying in the academe is filled with moments of memorization and retention—the very basis of a traditional examination relies on the idea that students retain everything that they are taught.

While studying is definitely a helpful hobby, retaining so much information is an entirely different challenge. We refer to studying as a hobby because it is an act that can be modified, controlled, and taken advantage of. Similar to sports, studying can be adjusted or done according to the different capacities of human beings.

For example, one student would probably study at a faster pace, while others would take twice the time to read and digest the information that they have learned. However, while some people are indeed great with studying, it is not entirely dependent on genetics or talent. Studying, like many other subjects can be learned, and it can be effectively utilized if one learns how to do so.

One of the most important things to remember in mastering the art of studying is the fact that not everyone is the same. Some people can read faster, while some people may excel in retention despite their reading speed. The point is that finding your own style of studying will most definitely help you learn effectively.

There are many different styles in studying and in the same vein, teaching. Some students prefer learning through a teacher or a tutor. In fact, the Socratic Method relied on this method entirely. Also known as maieutics, the Socratic Method relies on asking and answering questions between two (or more) individuals to stimulate critical thinking. This method was an effective means for the scholars of the time to understand and retain the information that they receive during their lessons. One effective and considered as the easiest way to retain and memorize information is by asking questions and getting an answer in return because the human brain is proven to function at a more efficient rate when it is used in critical thinking.

Another good method for learning is by not exhausting yourself through studying too much. Studies have shown that over-studying, or studying without resting could be detrimental to learning.

There are various methods to learning and studying but it should not be rushed in order to effectively remember and retain the information you need. It should be done at your pace and in your style.


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