Orgs: Living Your Student Life to the Fullest

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One of the most important aspects of university life is balancing it both academically and socially. You may find it quite difficult to juggle, especially if you are aiming to be the cream of the crop in the best civil engineering university in Manila, but it can be done. While there are many ways this can be accomplished, one of the easiest ways to find your groove is by looking for people who share your interests. In many universities around the world, people who share the same interests form or join an organization that is dedicated to a common purpose, such as a marketing org or a sports org.

One of the best things about college life is you get to join at least one organization that suits your interests or matches your skills. School organizations or orgs are student-run groups sanctioned by the school that aid in the holistic development of the students. While they require the supervision of a professor or another qualified individual, they are mostly run by the students themselves. The decisions are made by the students, and these are petitioned or presented as proposals to the student activity coordinator.

Orgs are special because they help students develop important skills such as decision-making, time management, social skills and networking, among others, which prove to be more invaluable after they graduate and start building their careers.


Orgs are also important, as they can be considered as a way of letting off steam. Studying in a competitive environment such as Mapúa is, indeed, taxing on the mind, and joining an org is definitely one way of keeping life balanced. As a student, keeping yourself grounded and happy is one of your responsibilities. Studies have shown that students who are too stressed out or too engrossed in their academics are more likely to break down emotionally as compared to those who find balance in their school and personal life.

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There are many benefits to joining an organization and here are some examples:

  1. Common Interests – Finding people who share your interests is a good way of distressing. Precisely because people share your interests, it also goes to show that they may somehow understand you and how you think. Speaking with people who enjoy the same things that you do is a good way of unloading stress.
  2. Friendship – As stated earlier, joining an org is a good way to find people who share your interests. Because these people enjoy the same things that you do, friendships are more likely to form. Studies have shown that friendships formed in college and in school orgs are more likely longer lasting relationships that are both healthy and helpful personally and professionally. Finding people who share your interests allows you to form your future professional network – a tip for young professionals.
  3. Networking – And your future professional network does not have to be just as big as your org-mates. People who come from orgs tend to know more people in the field or in industries because of connections. Professional networks can earn you an invitation to apply for a job. With your world-class academic training coupled with a number of people you know in your chosen field, it will be easier for you to build your career and your future.

In summary, joining orgs is very helpful not just for a healthier school life but also for a promising professional life because of the interpersonal relationships you form. In the meantime, talking to and enjoying things with people who share your interests are great ways of distressing. At the end of the day, this is all about finding a balance in your life as a student.


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