The School of Multimedia and Visual Arts of Mapúa University offers programs that explore infinite possibilities of creativity in concept and design development. Its innovative curricula are geared to develop competencies and greater understanding of art and its societal impact. Instructions are designed to provide utmost learning experience combining traditional art and emerging multimedia technologies with outcomes-based teaching and learning system as foundation to meet the aptitudes required for successful launching of careers of its graduates.

Vision and Mission


We shall be globally recognized as a center of excellence in Multimedia and Visual Arts education by providing instructions that are current in content, state-of-art in delivery and responding to the challenges of the times.


Our mission is to disseminate, generate, preserve and apply knowledge using the most effective means, and to provide our students with quality education through rigorous and up-to-date preparation with ample opportunities for the exercise of creativity and the experience of discovery.

We shall implement curricula that, while being steeped in technologies, shall also be rich in the humanities, languages and social sciences that will inculcate ethics.

Program Educational Objectives

Bachelor of Science in Multimedia Arts and Sciences

  1. To enable our graduates to practice as successful Multimedia Artists/Designers for the advancement of the society.
  2. To promote professionalism in Multimedia Arts practice.

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Cinema

  1. To enable our graduate to practice as successful Filmmakers for the advancement of the society.
  2. To promote professionalism in Film and Entertainment practice.