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D-HIVE is a community based research and development project administered by the Resiliency and Sustainable Development Center (RSDC) of Mapua University through the leadership of Prof. Delia B. Senoro. D-HIVE means “Development of Health Index: Vulnerability to Extreme Environmental Events for Marinduqe island.” This project is funded by the Department of Science and Technology – Philippine Council for Health Research and Development. This is in cooperation with Marinduque State College (MSC) and in close coordination with the Marinduque local government units (LGUs). D-HIVE project is composed of multi-disciplinary team members from both Mapua and MSC. Mapua has team members from the School of Civil, Environmental and Geological Engineering, the School of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management, and the School of Information Technology. The MSC has participating members from the School of Allied Medicine, School of Agriculture, and School of Engineering. The D-HIVE project will produce health vulnerability indices (HVIs) at household (HH) level. The HVIs are mapped and integrated into the emergency response system (ERS) helpful to improve the HH resiliency of the island province. It is the vision of the D-HIVE team to utilize the HVI ERS tool all over the country, help the society improve its resiliency to reduce vulnerability, and attain sustainable development.

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