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Experts and Researchers

Name of PhDs, Line of Expertise and Email Address
Department of Mathematics
  1. Dr. Dionisia M. Lanuza; mathematics; diffusion of innovation, [email protected]
  2. Dr. Lilibeth D. Sabino; mathematics, technology; computer assisted instruction, educational pedagogy; [email protected]
  3. Dr. Dante L. Silva; civil engineering, construction engineering, mathematics, educational management; outcomes based education, sustainable development; [email protected]
Department of Physics
  1. Dr. Jaque Lynn F. Gabayno; applied physics; optical materials and testing, magnetic nanomaterials for biomedical applications, nanotechnology, physics education; [email protected]
School of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry
  1. Dr. Alvin Caparanga; chemical and environmental engineering, wastewater treatment, carbon dioxide capture, gas separation; [email protected]
  2. Dr. Kathlia De Castro – Cruz; chemical engineering and chemistry, natural products, synthesis and characterization, molecular catalysis, environmental chemistry; [email protected]
  3. Dr. Bonifacio T. Doma, Jr.; chemical engineering thermodynamics, pesticide product development; molecular simulation, electromagnetic remediation of hazardous chemicals, biochemical engineering, biosorption of toxic substances, biomaterials; [email protected]
  4. Dr. Rhoda B. Leron; chemical and environmental engineering, measurements of vapour-liquid equilibrium data and thermophysical properties of advanced carbon dioxide absorbents; [email protected]
  5. Dr. Emma Ordoño; water quality, water and wastewater treatment, biological treatment, [email protected]
  6. Dr. Lawrence Madriaga; material science and engineering; synthesis and characterization, nanoparticles; [email protected]
  7. Dr. Jonathan W. L. Salvacion; chemical engineering, polymer degradation, waste engineering; [email protected]
  8. Dr. Allan N. Soriano; chemical engineering, carbon dioxide absorption, property measurement and correlation development of specialty chemicals; [email protected]
  9. Dr. Lemmuel Tayo; chemistry, biochemistry, marine science, biotechnology; environmental toxicology, development of marine natural products as drugs, nanoparticle technology for drug and gene delivery; [email protected];
School of Civil, Environmental and Geological Engineering
  1. Dr. Karlo L. Queaño; geochemistry, geophysics, and geology; geologic hazard, landslide occurrence, group rupture; [email protected]
  2. Dr. Delia B. Senoro; civil and environmental engineering; infrastructure for non-toxic environment, resource recovery, climate change mitigation and adaptation, storm water treatment and reuse; treatment wetlands, pollution prevention and mitigation, environmental and health risks assessment; [email protected][email protected]
  3. Dr. Francis Aldrine A. Uy; civil, structural, and transportation engineering; structural engineering, transportation intelligent system; sustainable transportation system, non-motorized transportation, public mass transportation system, road safety engineering, development of mobile content for engineering education and practice, crowdsourcing techniques in engineering research, sustainable development rating system (green building rating) geospatial information and civil systems; [email protected]
School of Electrical, Electronics, and Computer Engineering
  1. Dr. Felicito S. Caluyo; electrical engineering, electronics and communication; energy systems, control systems, signal processing, microwaves and optical communications, microelectronics, machine learning and pattern recognition; [email protected]
  2. Dr. Jennifer Dela Cruz; electronics and communication engineering; antenna systems, transmission lines systems, RF modeling, digital TV; [email protected]
  3. Dr. Arnold C. Paglinawan; electronics and communication engineering; microelectronics applications, IC design for biomedical applications, digital IC design, SOC applications, embedded design; [email protected]
School of Languages, Humanities, and Social Sciences
  1. Dr. Jonathan V. Macayan; industrial-organizational psychology, educational psychology; psychometric test development and analysis, human performance, personality, motivation, and cognition; [email protected]
  2. Dr. Bernardino C. Ofalia; psychology and educational administration; educational psychology, counselling and program development; [email protected]
School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering
  1. Dr. Manuel C. Belino; mechanical engineering, engineering education; engineering ethics, engineering education; indoor air system; [email protected]
  2. Dr. Reynaldo B. Vea; mechanical engineering, naval architecture marine engineering, marine transportation systems; ship propeller design, ship propulsion, ship operation and port operation, engineering education and practice; [email protected]
E.T. Yuchengco School of Business Management
  1. Dr. Mary Rose Q. Blancaflor; commerce; international business strategy; [email protected]

Name of Research Engineers, other Researchers, Interests, and Email Address

Department of Mathematics
  1. Engr. Edgar M. Adina; mathematics, crossing number of graphs; [email protected]
  2. Engr. Joseph Vermont B. Bamdoy; mathematics; simple variable fluidic lens, holographic storage; jvbba[email protected]
  3. Engr. Richard T. Earnhart; chemical engineering, mathematics; combinatorial knot theory, applied geometry; [email protected]
  4. Engr. Maria Rosario C. Exconde; chemical engineering, computer assisted instruction; educational pedagogy; [email protected]
  5. Engr. Christina A. Valerio; chemical and environmental engineering; microwave chemical pre-treatment; phosphorus removal; [email protected]
Department of Physics
  1. Engr. Joyrence Mervin Q. Agas; chemical engineering, physics, environmental engineering; environmental and physics education; [email protected]
  2. Joseph Vermont B. Bandoy; applied physics; instrumentation, physic-mechanical properties of recycled materials, index of refraction of air and CO2; [email protected]
  3. Sarkhan S. Baun; physics; physics education; [email protected]
  4. Annie Marie P. Benzon; physics; nuclear research, condensed matter, materials science, biophysics, physics instrumentation, environmental physics; [email protected]
  5. Ricardo F. De Leon, Jr.; chemical engineering, environmental engineering; membrane technology in environmental application; [email protected]
  6. Engr. May M. Lozada; chemical engineering, educational management; [email protected]
  7. Engr. Bobby D. Manlapig; civil engineering and physics; physics education; [email protected]
  8. Engr. Fe. M. Novida; civil engineering and physics; physics education; [email protected]
  9. Michael Andrei C. Paguio; physics; plasma technology, photonics, simulation of nanotube and electromagnetic wave, condensed matter; [email protected]
  10. Maria Teresa R. Pulido; physics; acceptance model of gossip dynamics, forging and changing social networks, static and dynamic networks; complex networks; [email protected]
  11. Engr. Resmond L. Reaño; chemical and environmental engineering; fluidized bed crystallization; biodiesel production and storage; [email protected]
  12. Charish S. Tanawan; applied physics; physics education; [email protected]
E.T. Yuchengco School of Business Management
  1. Jaycel George S. Abustan; hotel and restaurant management; hotel science; [email protected]
  2. Conrad V. Bergantinos; mechanical engineering and business management; operations management; [email protected][email protected]
  3. Ronnie D. Pangan; marketing; advertising, communications, branding; [email protected][email protected]
  4. Marthinson M. Villanueva; business administration and entrepreneurship; business development; [email protected]kenvill[email protected]
School of Architecture, Industrial Design and Built Environment
  1. Arch. Erline Grace E. Datoc; architecture; computer aided presentation, architecture education, architecture design; [email protected][email protected]
  2. Arch. Anna Christina G. Ealdama; architecture, heritage conservation, architectural regeneration, vernacular building traditions; [email protected]
  3. Arch. Sheila V. Elardo; architecture; housing, environment, energy efficiency, urban residential communities; [email protected][email protected]
  4. Catherine C. Reodique; interior design, historical interiors, Philippine studies and culture; [email protected]
  5. Arch/EnP Gloria B. Teodoro; architecture and urban planning; urban poor settlement, green architecture, [email protected]
  6. Arch. Albert S. Zambrano; architecture, sustainable urban housing; [email protected]
School of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry
  1. Engr. Medarlo B. De Jesus; chemical engineering, thermodynamics; [email protected]
  2. Engr. Elizabeth S. Espiritu; chemical engineering, thermodynamics; [email protected]
  3. Engr. Aileen D. Nieva; chemical and environmental engineering, biosorption using agricultural wastes, life cycle assessment; [email protected]
  4. Engr. Flordeliza C. De Vera; heat and mass transfer in foods, food properties; [email protected]
School of Civil, Environmental and Geological Engineering
  1. Engr. Wyndell A. Almenor; civil and sanitary engineering; wastewater treatment, waste management; [email protected]
  2. Engr. Edgardo S. Cruz; civil and structural engineering; structural analysis, concrete design, steel design; [email protected]
  3. Engr. Divina R. Gonzales; civil engineering and construction management; roofing system, risk projection; [email protected]
  4. Engr. Victor Sabandeja; civil and sanitary engineering, public health; plumbing system, environmental impact assessment; [email protected]
  5. Engr. Fibor J. Tan; civil engineering, environmental engineering, water resources engineering; surface flow constructed wetland, water resources infrastructure, geospatial resources assessment; [email protected]
School of Electrical, Electronics, and Computer Engineering
  1. Engr. Glenn O. Avendano; electronics engineering; internet of everything, internet protocol projects, wireless and sensor networks, online learning development; [email protected]
  2. Engr. Alejandro H. Ballado, Jr.; electronics engineering; smart antenna, wireless systems, microwaves, RF and wave propagation; [email protected]
  3. Engr. Febus Reidj G. Cruz; electronics and communication engineering; circuit development, remote multi-ion sensing; [email protected]
  4. Engr. Joseph Bryan G. Ibarra; industrial automation and CISCO networking; CO monitoring, monitoring through color sensor; [email protected]
  5. Engr. Jose B. Lazaro, Jr.; computer engineering; artificial intelligence, machine learning, image/signal processing, embedded systems, microelectronics and digital systems; [email protected]
  6. Engr. Noel B. Linsangan, computer programming engineering, wavelength algorithm, wireless computer, computer networking; [email protected]
  7. Engr. Cyrel Ontimare Manlises; computer engineering, computer science, electronics and communication engineering; wireless computer system, pattern recognition and microelectronics application; [email protected]
  8. Engr. Jesus Matinez, Jr.; power electronics; automation, microcontroller; [email protected]
  9. Engr. Michael C. Pacis; electrical engineering, electronics engineering; power systems modeling, protection, reliability, stability and control/distributed generation; [email protected]
  10. Engr. Ronald Vincent M. Santiago; electrical engineering; renewable energy systems, energy conservation, power system operations, economic operation of power systems; [email protected]
  11. Engr. Marloun P. Sejera; electronics and CISCO networking and security; [email protected]
  12. Engr. Jumelyn Torres, electronics and computer engineering; LiDAR, dengue genetic algorithm; [email protected]
School of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management
  1. Engr. Madonna F. Andrada; industrial engineering; production systems, facilities and design; [email protected][email protected]
  2. Engr. Emilia S. Bio; industrial engineering; occupational health and safety, methods improvement; [email protected][email protected]
  3. Engr Rianina D. Borres; industrial engineering; work methods improvement, quality control management, business process; [email protected][email protected]
  4. Engr. Madylaine G. Delfin; industrial engineering; systems improvement, quality control improvement; [email protected][email protected]
  5. Engr. Rene D. Estember; industrial engineering; operations research, human factors and ergonomics; [email protected][email protected]
  6. Engr. Elisier M. Fantillo; industrial engineering; service quality, business process improvement, logistics and supply chain management, systems improvement; [email protected][email protected]
  7. Eng. Josephine D. German; industrial engineering; business process improvement, logistics and supply chain management, systems improvement; [email protected]
  8. Engr. Ma. Janice J. Gumasing; industrial engineering; production systems, simulation, project management, cognitive ergonomics; [email protected][email protected]
  9. Engr. Grace Lorraine D. Intal; industrial engineering and information system; information systems, systems improvement; [email protected][email protected]
  10. Engr. Mary Christy O. Mendoza; industrial engineering; accounting; work methods, [email protected][email protected]
  11. Engr. Marvin I. Noroña; industrial engineering; production and operations management, strategic management, lean manufacturing, supply chain and logistics, product design and development, quality management, project management; [email protected][email protected]
  12. Engr. Rex Aurelius C. Robielos; applied mathematics and industrial engineering; optimization modelling, human factors and ergonomics, accident analysis; [email protected]
  13. Engr. Almarose C. Villapando; industrial and engineering management; work methods improvement; human resources, quality management; [email protected][email protected]
  14. Engr. Jose S. Villegas; chemical and industrial and environmental engineering; lean manufacturing, environmental engineering; [email protected][email protected]
  15. Engr. Jenalyn Shigella G. Yandug; industrial engineering; systems improvement; business process improvement; [email protected][email protected]
School of Information Technology
  1. Joel C. De Goma; information technology; urban traffic light network; traffic flow optimization; [email protected]
  2. Ramon L. Rodriguez; intelligent tutoring systems, affective/emphatic computing, languages, signal processing and educational technology; [email protected]
  3. Mary Jane C. Samonte; information technology; Kinect technology, navigation system, video-based finger-written character recognition, multi-layered neural network; [email protected]
  4. Elcid A. Serrano; information technology; motion deblurring algorithms, blur extent; [email protected]
  5. Mary Christine Tomas; information technology; cognitive ability detection, mobile applications; [email protected]
  6. Larry A. Vea; computer science; intelligent agent detection, computer programming; [email protected]
School of Languages, Humanities and Social Sciences
  1. Edward Jay M. Quinto; mass communication, applied linguistics; psycholinguistics, discourse analysis, bilingualism and multilingualism, sociolinguistics; [email protected]
  2. Nadja Jasmine J. Pinugu; counselling, educational psychology; developmental psychology, program development; [email protected]