Directed Research for Innovation and Value Enhancement

  • Dematerializing the material: Finding aesthetic correlation between Kalinga Traditional architecture and adornment
    Anna Christina Ealdama
  • A case study if streescapes in three key districts of Manila as determinants of urban regeneration using photogrammetry and GPS mapping systems
    Anna Christina Ealdama
  • A Study of two distinct housing settlements in relation to its transport related function
    Sheila V. Elardo
  • Assessment of Median U-Turn intersections as Traffic Control facility in Metro Manila
    Riches S. Bacero
  • The Role of Learner's Autonomy and Competence in Outcomes - Based Education (OBE) Framework: A Cross sectional analysis on Teaching and Learning Practices in a Select HEI
    Jonathan Macayan, Bernardino Ofalia, Jasmine Nadja Pinugu, Armando Ricardo Aguado
  • The Impact of Psychological Toxins on Academic Motivation and Performance among College Students
    Jasmine Nadja Pinugu, Annabel Choy, Antero Rosauro V. Arias Jr., Gloria B. Dela Merced-Josol
  • Relationship of Student Engagement and Enlish Oral proficiency as moderated by mindsets
    Edward Jay Quinto, John Christopher Castillo
  • Research on CIM Web based teaching potential Phase 2
    Janice Gumasing, Rianina Borres, Marvin Noroña
  • Diffusion Theory and Instructional Technology: Toward a conceptual model of utilization for classroom technology innovation
    Dante Silva, Edgar Adina, Dionisia Lanuza, Rosario Lazaro, Gerardo Usita
  • Study of the pesticidal activity of Philippine Plants
    Kathlia De Castro-Cruz
  • Isolation, Structure Elucidation and Pharmacological activities of secondary metabolites from different medicinal plants ( Phase 3)
    Kathlia De Castro-Cruz, Marilyn Miranda
  • Isolation, Structure Elucidation and termicidal activities of secondary metabolites from different medicinal plants ( Phase 3)
    Kathlia De Castro-Cruz, Marilyn Miranda
  • Arduino based urine glucose meter using glucose sensor for diabetes diagnosis
    Ramon Garcia, Marianne Sejera, Charmaine Paglinawan
  • Android controlled amphibious mobile robot
    Ramon Garcia, Ernesto Vergara Jr., Joseph Bryan Ibarra, Glenn Magwili
  • Mapua Remote Classroom monitoring and control through android application (Phase 2)
    Glenn Magwili, Joseph Bryan Ibarra, Marianne Sejera
  • In campus DTV signal measurement and characterization (Phase 3)
    Jennifer Dela Cruz, Alejandro Ballado Jr. , Flordeliza Valiente
  • A design of a drug driver system for controlling an insullin pump and microcontroller hardware implementation (Phase 3)
    Arnold Paglinawan, Charmaine Paglinawan, Marloun Sejera
  • Design of a single IC Op-Amp Circuit for wearable arythmia detection device
    Arnold Paglinawan, Charmaine Paglinawan, Jesus Martinez Jr.
  • Design of a multi point calibration chip for remote sensor nodes using low power combinational and flip flop CMOS standard cells
    Febus Reidj Cruz
  • Internet protocol television solution for Mapua Campuses
    Jennifer Dela Cruz, Alejandro Ballado Jr., Glenn Avendano
  • Development of comprehensive arduinoand advanced add on modules tutorial/ training for outcome based learning system (phase 2)
    Esperanza Chua, Glenn Magwili, Joseph Bryan Ibarra