Mapúa incorporates thrust in community involvement activities

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Engr. Agas and Barangay 872 Chairman Lorena Engracial unveil the metal plate marker signifying Mapúa’s solid partnership with the community.

Since 1998, Mapúa Institute of Technology has been initiating programs and activities for its partner communities, utilizing technical expertise to address community needs.

“We plan activities based on the Institute’s thrusts,” explained Engr. Joyrence Agas, head of Mapúa’s office for Social Orientation and Community Involvement Program. “For example, we did the design for a daycare center in one of our partner barangays. We also helped in the structural analysis and redesign of a covered court, a barangay hall, and another daycare center in some of our adopted communities.”

According to Agas, Mapúa initiated seminars to barangay officials of its partner communities, aside from the training programs being offered to its residents. One training program is the Computer Fundamentals Short-term Course, wherein participants are taught how to use the Microsoft Office and work on basic AutoCAD and Photoshop.

Mapúa has also integrated a welding program for the residents of Barangay 872 in Pandacan, Manila, wherein participants were tasked to make a vertical garden for their barangay as a final output.

(L-R) Engr. Agas, Fr. Ricardo F. Valencia Jr., Barangay 872 Chairman Engracial, and Manila Councilor Carlos Castañeda.

Several projects also branched out to others, Agas explained.

“There was a project called ‘Greening the Slums’ wherein residents clear the area near the railway to make a park,” he told. Mapúa donated plants and seedlings for the park, and soon, the park extended to other cleared area. The fruits and vegetables from the seeds that Mapúa donated were used for a feeding program, which lasted for a month and was facilitated by several groups in the community, some of which were mothers and the youth.

“From the ‘Greening the Slums project,’ a feeding program was initiated, which solidified the cooperation of everyone in the community. Somehow, Mapúa’s sponsored projects became a catalyst for binding ties within the community,” Agas said. These projects led to the placement of a metal plate marker symbolizing the harmonious and productive relationship between Mapúa and the community.

“When we adopted Barangay 872, drug addiction and violence were rampant. If you will go there now, you’ll see that it is not dirty anymore. We cannot say that the factors were totally eradicated but evidently, there was an improvement,” Engr. Agas said adding that Mapúa-sponsored activities really made a big role in the community’s change.

Aside from Barangay 872, Mapúa has adopted Pandacan’s remaining 42 barangays, along with areas in Intramuros, Benguet, Rizal, and Pampanga.

Edward Ang of the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (MME) teaches residents of Mapúa’s partner communities the basics of welding in a welding program initiated by Mapúa.

Engr. Igmedio F. Isla Jr. of the School of MME gives points and tips to the participants of the Mapúa-initiated welding program.