Mapúa laboratories now have advanced simulation software packages from DHI

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(L-R) Mapúa Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Bonifacio T. Doma, Jr., Regional Software Sales Executive and Academy of DHI head Pierre Hoevelt, and Engr. Joyrence Mervin Agas sign the Memorandum of Agreement for the MIKE powered by DHI software packages.

Mapúa Institute of Technology now has laboratories installed with four of DHI’s advanced software packages—MIKE 11, MIKE 21, MIKE URBAN, and MIKE West—available for students especially those who are taking up Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and Environmental and Sanitary Engineering. The software packages are also available for graduate students under MS and PhD in Environmental Engineering.

A product of the partnership between Mapúa and DHI, a globally renowned nonprofit research and consultancy group delivering locally relevant solutions for water environment problems for more than 25 years, the software packages are available for students’ use anytime, as it is installed in two of Mapúa’s open laboratories: South 103 and North West 302.

Additionally, individual researchers and their respective advisers are given separate software packages for their respective thesis or dissertations relevant to water and environment issues. One of them is Engr. Joyrence Mervin Agas, advisee of Mapúa Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Bonifacio T. Doma, Jr. Engr. Agas was given the MIKE 11, 21, and Ecolab for his own use while he is taking up his PhD in Environmental Engineering (DENV). Engr. Hermie Del Pilar, another PhD student under DENV and advisee of International Linkages for Research and Development (ILRAD) officer and chair of the Environmental Engineering graduate programs Dr. Delia B. Senoro, received MIKE FEFLOW.

The MIKE Software is a simulation software that is useful for lectures and research on various water and environmental topics. The software packages will enable Mapúan researchers to apply global knowledge to relevant issues on the earth’s water environments—from rivers and reservoirs, to oceans and coastlines, to cities and factories.

Pierre Hoevelt shows the interface of one of the installed software packages.

According to Pierre Hoevelt, Regional Software Sales Executive and head of the Academy of DHI, DHI aims to share its knowledge and expertise on water environments. He added that DHI offers various training courses and seminars that tackle all aspects of water, which can be useful for effective utilization of the software.

Meanwhile, Dr. Senoro says that the MIKE software will enable researchers to contribute viable solutions to existing water- and environmental-related issues.

“[Researchers] can use these software to produce new information and knowledge that will enable them to understand the specific condition of their area of study. This way, they will be able to predict possible scenarios after a certain time for a specified condition,” Dr. Senoro said.

Aside from the software, the partnership between Mapúa and DHI will give way to collaborative research, joint lectures and seminars, and training courses on topics related to water environments.