Mapúa produces first batch of Technical Communication graduates

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Mapúa Institute of Technology produced its first batch of Technical Communication graduates. The Institute is the only local institution offering the said program.

Mapúa Institute of Technology took another step forward as it produced its first batch of Technical Communication graduates this year.

The program, offered under Mapúa’s School of Languages, Humanities, and Social Sciences (SLHS), is designed to bridge the gap between the progressive development of science and technology and the increasing demand to make a significant part of technological information more accessible and understandable to a wide range of audiences, readers, and users.

Camire Parangalan, one of the ten graduates, said that the Institute’s Technical Communication program has a very comprehensive curriculum with a diverse set of courses. “Having the theoretical knowledge, thanks to our courses, our professors made sure that we put said knowledge to practice,” said Firas Abboud, another Technical Communication graduate.

Parangalan is currently a web researcher in a prestigious business process outsourcing service provider, while Abboud now works as an editor in one of the country’s largest professional services firms. With the rigorous training Mapúa has provided, both graduates are able to maximize their potentials in their chosen fields.

According to the SLHS Department of Communication chair and professor Eliza Torres, Technical Communication is founded on the idea that the growth and progress in science and technology is an unstoppable global phenomenon requiring communication competencies in line with global standards.

“We give our students the preparation they need to actively take part in this phenomenon by equipping them not just with the knowledge and skills in the technical aspect, but also in the human, organizational, and social dimensions of the discipline,” she said.

Professor Torres further noted that the Technical Communication program is unrelenting when it comes to challenging students to push their limits, saying that critiquing and mentoring are the perennial tools by which students’ skills are honed.

The program also complements the outcomes-based education (OBE) system, an approach to education Mapúa has been firmly implementing, as it is results-oriented and focuses on methods that are student-centered.

The Institute opened its doors to Technical Communication majors in 2012. It is the only local institution offering the said program.