Mapúa Math professor conferred ASEAN engineer title

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Dr. Dante Silva has been named an ASEAN Engineer last 3 June 2015.

Dr. Dante Silva was recently named an ASEAN Engineer, a recognition given to professionals who exemplify excellence in their field within the South East Asian countries. It is one of the highest honors bequeathed to engineers.

ASEAN engineers facilitate mobility and professional practice within the South East Asian region. The qualifications of an ASEAN engineer are recognized across ASEAN member countries and these give them ease of practicing their profession freely even outside their home country.

Rigorous selection

“The road to being an ASEAN Engineer is a rigorous process,” said Dr. Silva.

Initially, the applicant must be an experienced and proficient engineer. He will then have to go through multiple screenings by the national board and monitoring committees. The application will be examined by the head commissioner of the ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organisations (AFEO) before endorsing back the engineer to the national monitoring committee.

Silva commented that his research was the key factor in getting the ASEAN engineer title.

“I think my edge in this selection is the theory I developed for ASEAN2015 integration that delved on in-depth examination of utility of management competencies through factor-item analytic approach using Oblimin Method,” Silva told.

The recognition will be a big boost to Silva’s engineering career. According to him, through this recognition, he hopes to promote goodwill among his fellow ASEAN professionals and to be able to inspire his students.

Home of globally competent engineers

The Mapúa Math professor’s accolade also means a lot to the Institute, especially for her move to attain a university status.

“Not only do we prove that Mapúa truly is internationally competent as an institute, we also proved that we, the Mapúan Engineers, are more than capable of being one of the best in the global scene,” Silva expressed.

Asked what values an ASEAN engineer should espouse, Silva said that he “must and should always be a team player” because AFEO’s goal is to promote goodwill among professionals.

He also mentioned the essential values of dedication and devotion in engineering because it “has been one of the foundations of our advancements as people in the world.”

The ASEAN Engineer title adds to Silva’s long list of accolades in recognition of his exemplification of excellence in the field of engineering.