Math professor wins Best Paper Award in 2014 World Congress of Engineering and Computer Science; named ‘Outstanding World Research Leader’

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Multi-awarded educator and researcher Dr. Dante Silva is a Civil Engineering graduate of Mapúa Institute of Technology and has been a faculty member of the Institute since 1992. His paper entitled “Silva’s Management Competency Theory: A Factor-Item Analytic Approach Utilizing Oblique Rotation Direct Oblimin Method Under Kaiser-Bartlett’s Test of Sphericity” won as best paper in the World Congress of Engineering and Computer Science 2014.

Mapúa Mathematics professor Dr. Dante L. Silva won the “Best Paper Award of International Conference on Education and Information Technology” in the World Congress of Engineering and Computer Science 2014. His paper, entitled “Silva’s Management Competency Theory: A Factor-Item Analytic Approach Utilizing Oblique Rotation Direct Oblimin Method Under Kaiser-Bartlett’s Test of Sphericity,” toppled over 663 submitted papers from all over the world.

Silva’s paper is a theory development on competency identification and measurement of workers. The paper listed worker competencies needed for the ASEAN Integration 2015 based on global dimensions. One may predict career success based on statistics and factor analysis of competencies using Oblimin Method.

“This research is a breakthrough in the field of Mathematics because it develops a theory rather than evaluating or assessing an earlier theory,” said Silva.

Silva has joined this World Congress in 2011 and also won a Best Paper Award for his paper “Transforming Diverse Learners Trough a Brain Based 4MAT Cycle of Learning.”

The researcher-professor was not after the recognition but the chance of having contributed in the field of Mathematics, and a great spur in the ASEAN Integration.

High-pedigree player

“By the time I got the news, I felt a certain mix of chill and excitement. It was not the recognition I was after, but to set a new milestone in conjecture development was what I have found most rewarding,” Silva said.

When asked how Mapúa has helped him in his professional career, Silva said that the Institute, the administrators, and his co-faculty, have particularly encouraged him in his research endeavors.

He called Mapúa a “high pedigree player” in field of research and continuous education and said that the new research building is an “exclamation point” to the Institute’s research arena.

“Mapua has allowed me to work on different approaches on how students could learn the lessons in different and the most efficient way,” said Silva.

Tips for researchers

Silva shared three points for aspiring researchers – passion, perseverance, and innovation. He said that when writing a paper or conducting a research, the researcher must always immerse himself to the endeavor.

“Let your soul be the living breath of your paper. My passion was what set my paper different from the rest,” he said.

Silva quoted Newt Gingrich, Time’s 1995 Man of the Year, saying, “Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did.”

Silva was not spared from melancholy during his research days. But he always kept his goal to finish in mind – this is what kept him going.

Lastly, he advised researchers to innovate. “To be on the edge, you have to have courage; leave your comfort zone and explore beyond the borders where others dare not go to,” Silva said convincingly.

Outstanding research leader

Silva was also named “Outstanding World Research Leader” in Singapore last August 30, 2014. The International Association of Multidisciplinary Research, the world’s leading professional, scientific and multidisciplinary research organization, selected him as the “Outstanding World Research Leader” based on his international publications, leadership and involvement, and awards.

In his acceptance speech during the awarding of the Outstanding World Research Leader, the researcher-professor opined, “the most significant contribution I could have ever injected in the field of research is the overall view and probe on unorthodox educational strategies. I was born to teach. I would like to believe that they see the world differently because of what I have taught them and I believe that they will be successful with the knowledge that I have provided them alongside their other mentors.”

Silva has been serving Mapúa Institute of Technology for 22 years as faculty of the Mathematics Department, the School of Civil, Environmental, and Geological Engineering, and the Graduate School. He has since authored more than 35 full blown researches on pure and applied mathematics, on education and curriculum development and evaluation.