Mapúa University innovates and expands international partnerships with Fintech, Business, and Health Sciences courses

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Mapúa University continues its expansion of international partnerships and offering of comprehensive courses designed to elevate the global competency of its students.

“These partnerships are in line with our vision to become a Digital, Research-Driven, Outcomes-Based, and International Domain or D.R.O.I.D. It rides on global trends, and it will imbue our students with a global perspective in their chosen programs of study,” says Dr. Reynaldo B. Vea, president of Mapúa.

As a testament to its commitment to Mapúa’s DROID strategy and to building an empowered future in fintech, Mapúa University recently unveiled its Fintech and Regulatory Innovation (FTRI) program. The program, in partnership with Fintech Alliance.Ph with content powered by the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (CCAF), is the first off-campus Cambridge Fintech and Regulatory Innovation (CFTRI) program in the ASEAN region. It is a tutor-led online program for senior policymakers and regulators at central bank, security agencies and ministries of finance. Set to begin in April 2023, the nine-week program aims to educate participants on the essential concepts regarding the technologies and business models transforming the financial industry’s modern landscape. It focuses on formulating evidence-based regulatory, supervisory and policy responses to the development of financial technology.

The interactive online lectures of the program will be led and taught by leading economists, lawyers, engineers, regulators and development professionals. Participants will also get the chance to be guided by an expert tutor in small, interactive peer-learning groups and have an opportunity to discuss with mentors from CCAF at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School.

This year, Mapúa also announced its collaboration with America’s most innovative university Arizona State University (ASU) through Cintana Education. This move is a means to provide and expand Filipino students’ access to high-quality international education in business and health sciences.

Mapúa’s E.T. Yuchengo School of Business started offering ASU-enhanced courses in August 2022 at its Makati campus, granting students the opportunity to experience learning from ASU, considered by the U.S. News & World Report as home to the best online Bachelor’s in Business Programs. Key health sciences and pre-med programs, including BS Biology and BS Psychology, of Mapúa have also incorporated ASU's content and curricula. These courses are available at the Manila campus and in subsidiaries Malayan College Laguna and Malayan College Mindanao.

With this collaboration, students will have a highly differentiated education that’s aptly summarized through these three pillars: international exposure, real-world experiential learning, and digital expertise.

Owing to Mapúa’s collaboration with ASU, students enrolled in these programs will have opportunities to experience international exchange and summer immersion programs at ASU.

“We believe in global education and in adapting to what modern society demands. There is a need to learn more about fintech and understand it better, so we are offering access to a unique program that empowers that sector. Likewise, we also strongly view the globalization of education as an imperative in order to move forward. Mapúa would like to be a part of showcasing Filipino skills and talents to the world, and it is a privilege to arm our students with the knowledge and expertise to handle the ever-evolving needs of the times,” Dr. Vea concludes.

Mapúa University, a member of the Yuchengco Group of Companies (YGC), proceeds with its strategic partnerships with international universities and the direction to go global so that students can experience innovative teaching methods and allow them to explore an expanded network of learning. This adheres to YGC’s core mission of continuously pioneering and innovating methods to future-proof the lives of Filipinos.

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