Mapúa Senior High School helps students gain a winning edge through its solid S&T background

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Mapúa Senior High School helps students gain a winning edge through its solid S&T background

It’s never too early to think of and plan for the future, even if you’re still in high school. As the global job market becomes more cutthroat with its steady shift towards digitalization and other technological advancements, it has opened up more employment opportunities for those with a background in science and technology (S&T).

Jobs in fields anchored on S&T like engineering, architecture, data science, information technology, health sciences, chemistry, and biology, among others, are just some of the careers that continue to be in demand.

The job security and financial rewards of S&T-based jobs are good reasons for incoming senior high school students to seriously consider taking the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) strand of the Academic track and enrolling in a school with a strong foundation on S&T like Mapúa Senior High School.

Mapúa Senior High School’s solid curriculum cultivates in its students a passion for research, providing them avenues to devise and showcase innovations that will help address societal problems.

Mapúa Senior High School has a solid curriculum that aims to build up the capabilities of students in critical thinking, problem solving, innovation, and creativity, cultivating passions that can introduce and devise solutions to industrial, societal, and environmental problems as well as developments that further improve quality of life.

“Mapúa Senior High School equips students with the fundamental concepts related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. It paves the way for broader opportunities for students to learn and practice science and technology, preparing them early for innumerable career opportunities in various fields and industries,” said Dr. Dionisia M. Lanuza, principal of Mapúa Senior High School.

Students use industry-aligned learning tools like MATLAB, a programming and numeric computing platform used by engineers and scientists to analyze data.

Dr. Lanuza added that the STEM strand equips students with fundamental concepts in biology, physics, calculus, technology, chemistry, and research to prepare them for college-level applied and pure sciences, engineering, information technology, and mathematics.

“STEM education equips learners with a new mindset and skills valued in the highest-paying jobs in the Philippines like geologists, engineers, IT professionals, actuarians, and data scientists. It also raises social awareness, which leads us to a knowledge-based economy and strengthens sustainability literacy in the country,” she added.

Mapúa Senior High School follows a learner-centered, outcomes-based approach like the college level to ensure students get a full grasp of their lessons and topics before they progress to the next subject.

To help students make the most of their S&T education, Mapúa Senior High School uses a multi-disciplinary and collaborative approach that is led by competent faculty who are well-versed in the latest academic, scientific, and industry practices. The school also emphasizes the importance of mastery and comprehension by employing a learner-centered, outcomes-based approach. This ensures that students have a full grasp of topics before they progress to the next subject or level.

Students are also provided with a readily accessible collection of online learning resources referred to as METIS or the Mapúa E- Text Infinity Solution. More than being a collection of reference textbooks, METIS includes an assessment feature that uses data science and artificial intelligence (AI) to determine if a student is ready to learn a new subject or move forward in the course. The METIS technology pinpoints if a student needs more practice on the subject currently being tackled, and provides additional tasks to the learner until he achieves the desired learning outcomes.

Aside from unlimited access to e-books and e-journals, Mapúans are also given various visualization and simulation tools like MATLAB and Labster to help them digest and test complex scientific principles without using a physical laboratory setup. They are also regularly exposed to research forums, academic competitions, and developing innovations to help further their knowledge.

This collaborative approach continues to reap outstanding results, as a number of senior high school Mapúans are involved in data-driven research projects with college professors as their advisers. Several students have even written research papers that have been published in internationally recognized Scopus-indexed journals.

However, Mapúa Senior High School’s emphasis on S&T is not limited to its STEM strand. Non-STEM strands such as the General Academic strand and Accountancy, Business, and Management strand, as well as it Arts and Design track, also include S&T subjects like Earth and Life Science, Physical Science, and Information and Communications Technology. This holistic learning helps prepare students with basic technical skills that are useful in their field and instill in them a desire to innovate.

Mapúa University president and chief executive officer Dr. Reynaldo B. Vea explained the advantage of having a strong S&T foundation, regardless of careers.

“The world is currently witnessing an explosion of knowledge in the natural and computing sciences and in the technologies derived from scientific studies. For anyone to better understand the world around him or her, it is very helpful to be well-grounded in the fundamentals of science and technology. Since S&T finds applications in all areas, a strong foundation in it helps in career advancement in various fields,” said Dr. Vea.