Award-winning Mapúan filmmaker aims to create uplifting movies

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Award-winning Mapúan filmmaker aims to create uplifting movies

Fresh from winning an international award, this Mapúa student now aims to create more heartwarming films during times of tragedy and hardships.

Adam Dominic G. Dumaguin, a first-year Digital Film student of Mapúa University, is open to do a slew of genres, although he retains a strong bias to producing stories that invoke a warm feeling for viewers.

“As a future filmmaker, I aim to produce stories that closely resemble Pixar's (Pixar Animation Studios). I want to make heartwarming stories in the face of tragedy. I would also love to do drama, thriller, and action,” he said.

Dumaguin won third place for his short film entitled My House in the recently concluded No Sleep 'till Film Fest international competition held by the AGBO independent production company owned by Marvel film directors Anthony and Joe Russo.

Around 700 film entries from across the globe were received for the international film competition. The No Sleep 'till Film Fest is a 48-hour competition wherein participating members can either be a team or an individual, with film outputs being kid friendly and lasting within three minutes.

My House is a non-linear story that follows a young boy’s narration about his house. He is confused by the reality he is in, which will create in the audience a sense of distrust on the legitimacy of the first half of the film.

“The goal of the film was to deliver an impactful message within a short period. Before entering the contest, I extensively studied and dissected famous Thailand short films on YouTube. Because of this, I was able to apply the same principles, timing, and structure of Thailand Short Films to my story,” he added.

Back in 2020, Dumaguin also attained a New York Film Academy Talent Scholarship wherein he was invited to study abroad after extensive review of his portfolio. But due to the pandemic, he decided to stay in the Philippines and study locally, choosing Mapúa University for his filmmaking education.

Learning never stops

Dumaguin shared that his main goal in Mapúa University as a filmmaker was to make mistakes as much as he could, understanding that the school is a safe space to make mistakes and to learn from them.

“By knowing that I can afford to make mistakes, I always try out new things and be myself without the pressure of the industry. Because of this, I wrote my first grammatically incorrect screenplay, my blurred camera shots, and my awful directing. Although I won in a competition, this does not mean I am already in great shape. I still have much to learn and understand from the university,” Dumaguin explained.

Mapúa University and its Digital Film program teaches him many theories that he would have never learned on social media sites or other learning platforms.

He appreciates the extensive mentorship offered by the school, as it helps him grow and be better as a filmmaker.

“Because of the university’s intensive program, I learned to quickly adapt and respond even if the window for the deadline is small. I also understood how to manage my time based on my priorities and to achieve razor-sharp focus on one task at a time,” he added.

Mapúa University’s School of Media Studies dean Benigno Agapito Jr. said that the University empowers its students to continue creating quality stories to tell despite the choking claws of the COVID-19 pandemic.

He pointed out that the efforts of the University in terms of learning continuity is a reflection of the quality instructions Mapúa delivers through its School of Media Studies’ programs and demonstrates proficiency in using appropriate and current technologies, tools, techniques, and skills necessary for film production, which meet global standards.

“We encourage our students to be more creative and to make use of the current situation as an opportunity for more productive undertakings. Remember that challenges must be used as tools to make great efforts in achieving target goals. Never consider hardship as a form of defeat but as an opportunity to be great,” Agapito said.