Mapúa entertainment and multimedia computing students take on international Game Jam+

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Mapúa entertainment and multimedia computing students take on international Game Jam+

Students from Mapúa University has entered the global computer game development competition Game Jam+ and has now advanced to the second stage with their developed game Shackles.

Game Jam+ 2020 is a competition wherein participants will have to create a game relating to the theme set by the organizers. The event is considered as one of the biggest game development hackathons with more than 2,000 participants and features 50 Brazilian cities plus 37 more worldwide.

Team Shackles consists of third year entertainment and multimedia computing students, namely Alexander Balingao, Daniel Tala, Kayle Marfil, and Kurt Varela.

“This is the first time we entered a competition of this scale. We will surely benefit from the knowledge and experience we get from this competition in the long run,” Balingao said.

The pixel, platformer puzzle game they developed entails two twins cursed by greed, embarks on an adventure in their hopes of fixing the curse laid upon them, wherein should they separate from each other too far, a curse activates that ends them both. The game ties in with the theme set forth by the organizers this year which is “connection.”

The global competition has four stages.

Stage one, which is the national qualifier event, took place last Oct. 9 to 11 wherein teams from Asia, Europe, North America, Latin America, Middle East, and Africa competed against each other.

The second stage is the acceleration stage wherein the winners of each region will go through an online acceleration program and will be mentored by experienced game developers from around the world. This takes place from November 2020 to January 2021.

The third stage of the competition, also known as the continental stage, will be held in February next year.

The world grand finals will happen in May 2021 in São Paulo, Brazil.

Through their developed game named Shackles, four Mapúa students hope to highlight the importance of the game development craft within the different industries.