Mapúa University eases admissions process for SY 2021-2022

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Mapúa University eases admissions process for SY 2021-2022

Cognizant of the times and in its effort to be more enabling during this pandemic, Mapúa eases the admission process for students who wish to attend the University for their senior high school and college education. Instead of its admissions test Mapúa Scholastic Aptitude Exam (MSAE), incoming senior high school and college students will take the Mapúa Program Placement Assessment (MPASS).

MPASS is the Univeristy’s standardized assessment tool that measures the students’ cognitive and academic development to identify the academic strand or college program suitable to them.

Unlike the previous ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ entrance exam results, the MPASS determines the programs that match a student’s academic profile. It serves as automatic admission for students based on their assessment scores.

With MPASS, all applicants are given the opportunity to get a Mapúa education.

“With this change in Mapúa's admissions process for the next academic year, we are taking out some steps that some may find as an obstacle during this time of difficulty and adjustment. The University would like all applicants to get a fair opportunity for education,” Mapúa Dean of Admissions and Scholarships Dr. Dionisia M. Lanuza said.

Student-applicants may apply online via https://www.Mapú where the full admissions process – from the filing of application to enrolment – can be done.