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Mapúa set to offer fully online engineering and IT undergraduate degrees

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Mapúa set to offer fully online engineering and IT undergraduate degrees

Mapúa University, the Philippines’ leading school for engineering and information technology education, is set to offer six new Commission on Higher Education (CHED)-approved fully online bachelor’s degree programs in the fields of engineering and information technology this academic year 2020 to 2021.

Expanding Mapúa Digital Academics (MDA), the University will offer fully online undergraduate degrees in Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Computer Science, and Information Technology, with credentials equal to their regular (classroom-based) bachelor’s degree programs.

MDA is Mapúa’s online learning platform for fully online programs powered by its learning management system, Cardinal EDGE or Education in a Digital and Global Environment. This initiative bolsters the school’s reputation as an international domain through the programs it is supporting, reaching students and professional learners across the Philippines and the globe.

While in the program, students will explore and experience Mapúa’s topnotch digital education and enjoy the following benefits: (1) utilize the featured tools in Cardinal EDGE such as Blackboard, complemented by huge electronic databases of educational materials – Wiley Plus and Cengage – which feature digital resources like recorded lectures, references, modules, and course assessments that are accessible online regardless of time and location; (2) increase their academic opportunities through Coursera, which offers access to 4,300 courses and microcredentials from 200+ globally recognized organizations and institutions; (3) experience ubiquitous learning where they can access learning materials and study anywhere; (4) undergo self-paced learning for materials can be visited at a time that doesn't interfere with other commitments; and (5) boost their academic freedom for they can learn on their own schedule, accomplish coursework suitable to their time, and even learn while working and growing professionally.

The fully online programs of Mapúa will also provide students the same quality of education as their on-campus counterparts. Students will experience the same outcomes-based education approach (OBE), which Mapúa pioneered in 2006 and is now a byline of the Philippine education system. The University follows the OBE framework, which is a learner-centered approach that outlines the principles and expectations of the institution for its students and, of equal note, its teachers as well. Through this approach, students will be equipped with competencies needed to be successful practitioners of industries in the country and abroad.

Mapúa’s fully online bachelor’s degree programs will be open to students in and outside Metro Manila, internationally based students who want to gain a Mapúa degree, working students, and adults who want to finish their bachelor’s degree.

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