COVID Careers: Jobs and skills that became in demand amid the pandemic

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COVID Careers: Jobs and skills that became in demand amid the pandemic

The global health pandemic that is the coronavirus has put the spotlight on careers that will be in demand now and in the years to come. In Mapúa, its curriculum keeps pace with the future of careers and the workplace by ensuring that its academic programs are geared towards bolstering professions invaluable during and post-pandemic.

In-demand careers

Biomedical Engineers

Biomedical Engineers or Bioengineers play a very important role in this pandemic. With their expertise in both fields of biology and engineering, they secure a place in society as one of the major agents who keep the modes of delivering healthcare to the public consistent and effective. Bioengineers work to design and manufacture health care technologies that help control and prevent illnesses such ventilators used for treating COVID-19 patients, diagnostic devices for rapid detection of the virus, medical imaging tools, and protective equipment like masks, disposable gloves, and face shields for health workers. They also work with pharmaceuticals industry for the production of anti-viral medicines.

The first to offer the program in the Philippines, Mapúa’s Biological Engineering is a suitable pre-medicine degree that combines engineering and the life sciences in ways that advance scientific discovery, healthcare and medicine, manufacturing, environmental quality, culture, education, and policy. It engages its students to research activities in areas including biomaterials, bioelectronics, biotechnology, bioprocess engineering, biochemistry, and molecular medicine.

Consider: Biological Engineering in Mapúa

Psychologists, Therapists, and Counselors

The crisis’ pressing conditions also go beyond the physical health aspect because dealing with a pandemic can also be stressful to people. Concerns on mental health have risen during the quarantine and have grown much awareness the past months. One way of dealing the pandemic’s subeffect is through Teletherapy offered to frontliners, suspect, probable, and COVID-19-positive patients and their peers, as well as students and professionals who also took a hard hit from the new normal. Teletherapy is the online delivery of speech, occupational, and mental health therapy services via high-resolution, or live video conferencing with a qualified therapist or counselor at the other end.

Mapúa offers two Psychology programs, namely, the Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. The BS Psychology program delves on the foundations of general psychological concepts, particularly psychological concepts rooted in human biology, chemistry, biochemistry, and cognitive science. It is oriented towards a science-based and systematic study of the human mind, which can serve as a pre-medicine program for those who intend to pursue the higher study in the future. The AB Psychology on the other hand exposes students to the in-depth and state-of-the-art study of human and the human mind in order for them to understand the dynamics and intricacies of individual and group behavior.

Consider: BS Psychology, AB Psychology in Mapúa

Data Scientists or Data Analysts

Careers in data science or data analytics are also in demand today. Decision-making during a pandemic deals with the generation and processing of unimaginable amount of data. It requires experts who can do quick and accurate big data analysis with results that are then forwarded to various sectors, including health and the government, for the purpose of coming up with practical solutions in response to COVID-19 – optimizing public health recommendations to regulate the outbreak and for businesses to adapt operations to heath and safety policies of the government.

Mapúa offers an undergraduate program in Data Science. It also houses a graduate program in the field – the Master in Business Analytics – which it also pioneered in the country. Its undergraduate program’s curriculum is further enriched with a wide-range of subjects in business and computer software applications specifically designed for students to be sufficiently equipped to manage and analyze big data. The University’s Master in Business Analytics features an industry-aligned curriculum where students conduct practical trainings in its partner companies in the business and banking and finance industries. Technology leaders Cloudera, SAS, and SAP are the tools providers of the program, which is an added advantage under the program.

Consider: BS Data Science, Master in Business Analytics in Mapúa

IT Professionals

Information technology professionals are also playing a key role in society at present with many people relying on the Internet and digital technologies for information and entertainment to cope during the pandemic. From essential household devices or software used for school and work, to the technologies deployed by the government to contain the outbreak, IT workers ensure that these tools are operational. Moreover, given that many businesses, big and start-ups, have transitioned or resorted to online service, IT professionals are in demand to make sure that businesses run smoothly and customer data are not compromised.

A Center of Excellence for Infromation Technology education in the Philippines, Mapúa’s IT programs provide specializations in Computer Networks and Security, Data Management, Emerging Technologies, Application Development, and Cybersecurity.

Consider: BS Computer Science, BS Information Systems, and BS Information Technology in Mapúa

Multimedia Professionals

The coronavirus outbreak has also caused digital media consumption to soar, therefore resulting in the high demand for digital content creators or developers this season. Online contents such as videos and news, books, and gaming applications have kept individuals informed and entertained while following health precautions by staying at home. Many institutions from different sectors such as business, banking and finance, and the academe have also opted to continue providing their services to the public through digital means, providing work opportunities for multimedia artists, writers, videographers and photographers, and advertising experts. Online recruitment of talents for project-based jobs has also been rampant nowadays.

Mapúa offers a strong set of media-related undergraduate programs that provide students the skills and expertise in visual arts, filmmaking, advertising, production design, animation, journalism, and more. Students are trained to convey meaning and tell stories using different media and are mentored by professors who are experts from the industry.

Consider: AB Advertising Design, AB Digital Journalism, AB Multimedia Arts and Sciences, AB Digital Film, AB Broadcast Media, and BS Entertainment and Multimedia Computing in Mapúa

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