Mapúa University enters global Times Higher Education (THE) Impact Rankings | Mapúa University

Mapúa University enters global Times Higher Education (THE) Impact Rankings

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Mapúa University enters global Times Higher Education (THE) Impact Rankings

Mapúa University, the Philippines’ premier engineering and technological school, has entered the global Times Higher Education (THE) Impact Rankings 2020, its second in the span of two years. The THE Impact Rankings were inaugurated in 2019 and are the only global performance tables that assess universities against the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by using carefully calibrated indicators to provide comprehensive and balanced comparisons accross three broad areas: research, outreach, and stewardship (

Bolstering its contributions to community preservation, the University has been ranked in five (5) Sustainable Development Goals out of 17: SDG 6–Clean Water and Sanitation (Rank 101-200 out of 330 institutions); SDG 7–Affordable and Clean Energy (Rank 201-300 out of 361 institutions); SDG 8–Decent Work and Economic Growth (Rank 401+ out of 479 institutions); SDG 12–Responsible Consumption and Production (Rank 301+ out of 360 institutions); and lastly, for the second time in a row, SDG 17–Partnership for the Goals (Rank 601+ out of 806 institutions). Overall, Mapúa placed 601+ out of 766 participating institutions worldwide.

A university’s inclusion in the rankings implies that it is championing the causes in the SDGs, which are greatly supported by the young generation. The Impact Rankings do not look specifically into the academic strengths of the institution but put greater weight on its tangible efforts in making a difference in the world and its students.

This repeat feat shows the University’s commitment to promote sustainable actions for environmental protection as it delivers quality education. It has implemented environmental and water conservation programs in its operations and has carried out university improvements like using energy-saving school facilities to reduce its carbon footprint. It has also asserted the strict compliance of proper segregation of waste materials among its students and employees, also strongly encouraging the three Rs (reduce, reuse, and recycle) to generate new materials out of wastes. Mapúa has also partnered with communities, local government units, and other higher institutions in the country and abroad to share its technical, engineering, and research expertise leading to the creation of sustainable and safe environments.

As a university for people and planet, Mapúa will continuously advocate for the protection of the environment by sharing these causes with its students and graduates, so they may carry such responsibilities, not only as future builders but also as protectors of the world.