Mapúa now offers online courses with Coursera, puts emphasis on the importance of micro-credentialing

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Mapúa now offers online courses with Coursera, puts emphasis on the importance of micro-credentialing

Expanding its efforts in digital academics, Mapúa University now works with Coursera, an American online learning platform, in offering micro-credentials to its students. Coursera modules integrated into regular Mapúa courses, have been offered to the batch 2018 students of Mapúa’s School of Information Technology (SOIT), School of Electrical, Electronics, and Computer Engineering (EECE), and School of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management (IE-EMG) in the first quarter of the academic year 2019 to 2020.

Mapúa students get unlimited access to the about 3,600 courses available on Coursera. Apart from the Coursera courses integrated in the courses they are taking, students may also explore and take other Coursera modules that they wish to get credentials in. These courses are developed by top instructors from over 190 leading universities and organizations in the world, covering various fields of studies such as engineering, data science, computer science, mathematics, biology, medicine, business, digital marketing, humanities and social sciences, among others.

Platform features

The platform allows its learners to: (1) master the most in-demand technology and business skills to excel in their roles; (2) enjoy an engaging and interactive learning experience with leading instructors; (3) allow self-paced learning with bite-sized sessions; and (4) earn university-accredited certifications in industry-vetted disciplines.

The online platform also gives students access to on-demand video lectures, homework exercises, projects, and community discussion forums.

“We know learning has to be fast and flexible and mobile; Coursera delivers just that. Courses are designed as bite-sized modules so students can learn more in less time. Its mobile application, the Coursera Mobile App, will also allow learners to access their modules anywhere and anytime,” said Engr. Ericson D. Dimaunahan, director of Mapúa’s Center for Teaching and Learning.


Micro-credentialing is the process of earning a credential or certification in a very specific topic area. Students who have completed their requirements for a micro-credential will be awarded with a digital certificate or other official evidence for course work completion. This becomes a supplement to their Mapúa diploma.

The university that offered the course on Coursera will provide the certificate upon completion. Student will get a certificate for each course completed. Because unlimited access is granted in Coursera, students can earn and collect certificates from various topnotch institutions around the world.

“Students under Coursera will be given a Certificate of Completion that they can add up on their LinkedIn accounts. This will surely be an advantage in the future as they seek a job to practice their profession,” said Engr. Dimaunahan.

The Coursera offering by Mapúa is just one of the many initiatives that the University has taken in strengthening and expanding its digital education. Just recently, Mapúa launched seven (7) new fully online master’s degree programs: the Master of Engineering (MEP) programs in Electrical, Electronics, and Computer Engineering and the Master of Science (MS) programs in Electrical, Electronics, Computer, and Mechanical Engineering. It first offered a fully online master’s program in 2017, the MEP in Industrial Engineering, the Philippines’ first fully online engineering graduate program.