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Mapúa expands Digital Academics with 7 new fully online master’s degree programs

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Mapúa University, the Philippines’ premier engineering and technological university, expands its program offerings with seven new fully online master’s degree programs.

Starting August 2019, Mapúa will open three fully online Master of Engineering (MEP) programs in Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Electronics Engineering. An MEP program comprises 36 credit units divided into core, major, elective, and culminating practicum courses.

Fully online Master of Science (MS) programs in Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering will also be offered. An MS program comprises 30 credit units of the aforementioned courses and a culminating master’s thesis requirement.

Master’s degree programs in engineering offer specializations in industrial mechatronics, automation, renewable energy, thermofluidic sciences, sustainable technologies, electric generation, transmission, and distribution systems that promote advanced practice of various engineering professions.

These programs will be offered in Mapúa Digital Academics, the University’s initiative in offering fully online programs, through its very own online education platform EDGE or Education in a Digital and Global Environment. Mapúa Digital Academics has been offering MEP in Industrial Engineering, the country’s first fully online graduate program in engineering, since its launch in 2017.

The fully online master’s programs will be powered by Mapúa’s learning management system – Blackboard – where lectures will be uploaded or delivered real-time. Course modules, program references, and assessments will also be accessible online, allowing for self-paced learning. The programs will follow Mapúa’s quarter system enabling students to complete the programs in less than two years (six quarters).

Under the premise of Outcomes-Based Education (OBE) and being at the forefront of digital and technological education in the Philippines, each program will carry with it Mapúa’s banner of academic excellence that meets the global standards of engineering professions. The offering of the new fully online programs and the prior launch of Mapúa Digital Academics are parts of Mapúa’s initiatives in developing and bolstering its world-class of education, reaching more learners across the globe through its online learning space.

Application for admission to the new programs is ongoing. Applicants may send the scanned copy of the following requirements to [email protected]: (1) duly accomplished Application Form; (2) Letters of Recommendation; and (3) Official Transcript of Records. Interested applicants may also call (02) 247-5000 local 5100 to 5102 or email Mapúa Admissions to inquire. For more information on the programs, visit