Mapúa selects Panopto as its lecture capture and video content management partner

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Mapúa selects Panopto as its lecture capture and video content management partner

Mapúa University selected Panopto, a leading video platform for business and education, as its video library and lecture capture solution partner to facilitate a more learner-centered environment for its more than 16,000 students. Mapúa is the first university in the Philippines to implement the use of Panopto software in its discussion methods.

“Mapúa University takes a learner-centered approach to education,” said Dr. Arnold Paglinawan, Director of Mapúa’s Center for Teaching and Learning ¬– Outcomes Based Education. “Panopto will help us facilitate flipped classrooms and other blended learning pedagogies, which we anticipate will have a very positive impact on the learning experiences of our students.”

With the software, teachers of the University will be able to easily record lectures and flip classroom lessons, as well as leverage interactive in-video quizzing to move classrooms from passive learning models to more active learner engagements.

“From a technical perspective, we anticipate Panopto will be very easy to implement and manage,” added Brian Co, Chief Information Officer of Mapúa’s Development Office for Information Technology. “With Panopto, we’ll be able to host our video library in the cloud, which will encourage our instructors to create and share video as part of their classroom materials.”

Panopto’s integration with the Blackboard virtual learning environment will allow both students and teachers at Mapúa to easily access and view classroom videos as part of their regular learning activities.

“We’re delighted to be working with Mapúa University on bringing video to their teaching and learning activities,” said Elle Hosek, General Manager of Panopto Asia. “Recorded lectures and other classroom videos are proving to be valuable resources that can help improve student engagement, retention, and achievement. We’re looking forward to a successful rollout of Panopto to all of the institution’s students and staff.”