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Mapúa University to offer PhD in Computer Science

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Mapúa University, the country’s leading technological education institution, continues to widen its course offering with a graduate program for Computer Science (PhDCS). The course will be offered starting the 2nd quarter of AY 2017-2018.

The postgraduate degree, according to School of Information Technology (SoIT) Dean Ariel Kelly D. Balan, aims to facilitate further learning in order to keep up with the rapid changes of technology.

“This will help graduates to contribute to enriching the body of knowledge in information and communication technology (ICT),” Dean Balan said. “It will be the forerunner of building the ecosystem for emerging technologies and platforms like smart cities, data science, Internet of Things, cloud and mobile computing.”

True to Mapua’s leadership in the technological education landscape in the Philippines, the PhDCS program is made unique through its many-faceted approach of computing knowledge areas. Classes like Machine Learning, Data Mining, and ICT Ecosystem provide invaluable information in the field, while various Special Topics electives promote further study and specialization into different facets of ICT. Combined with a comprehensive dissertation program, PhDCS aims to expand the areas of knowledge in the field of ICT, allowing students to apply their expertise to research, development, and innovation.

“If machines are getting smarter every day, so must the people,” said Balan, describing the thought behind the program’s creation.

Dean Balan noted that the program would give students an edge in the increasingly competitive IT industry. Ultimately, PhDCS endeavors to produce competent individuals who could address the country’s need for highly skilled and knowledgeable IT professionals.

Future graduates can apply themselves as educators, trainers, and researchers in computer science, IT, information systems, computer engineering, and software engineering. Individuals who complete the program can also serve as government or corporate advisors to policy-makers, as well as professionals involved in multi-disciplinary projects.

Given the drive behind the program, applications are open to Master’s degree holders in Computer Science with research outputs in national or international conferences or journals, Master’s degree holders in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics with research-based theses in national or international conferences or journals, and Computer Science graduates with a Master’s degree in another field and a minimum of three years in IT experience.

Other requirements include three years of research experience in Computer Science, submission of a concept paper for the applicant’s proposed dissertation study topic, as well as passing the program’s admission exam and interview.

This addition to the school’s graduate studies is in line with Mapua University’s vision to be one of the top global universities, keeping with their tradition of excellence and continuous improvement. In early 2017, Mapua received its university status grant from the Commission on Higher Education.


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