Mapúa Institute of Technology to host two-day startup summit

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Mapúa Institute of Technology, in partnership with STW, will hold the Fullwave Tech and Startups 2016 Summit on October 14 and 15.

The two-day event, hosted by Philippine-based startup Fullwave, aims to reinvigorate the startup community in the Philippines with a celebration of everything tech-, development-, and startup-related. Fullwave, a collective of millennial entrepreneurs from New York City, focuses on novel initiatives towards cultivating entrepreneurial action.

Set to be a stage for local startups, tech students, and entrepreneurs to meet and learn with developers and influencers from New York City, Manila, and other Asian countries, the Fullwave Summit will feature on-stage presentations, a multiday hackathon, and a series of panel discussions on issues surrounding the tech and startup industry from Jonathan Francis, co-founder of Elite Daily, Antonio Aguirre Jr., CEO and founder of Sole Slam, and Paul Salem, CEO of MegaMerch, among others.

“Our strategy is comprised of bringing investors, developers, founders, and culture that will allow us to not only fuel the startup community, but to also give hands-on operational support to bring startups to success,” Fullwave Champion and STW Group of Companies Founder Ace Velarde noted.

For Mapúa President and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Reynaldo Vea, startups bridge the divide between science and technology and the marketplace, providing the means to make science and technology useful to people.

“An invention remains an invention and does not become an innovation until it is brought to the market,” Dr. Vea said adding that startups are paving the way for innovations to enter the global marketplace.

To be able to support its students who wish to venture in startups, Mapúa is gearing towards courses on embedding entrepreneurship material within existing courses in the Institute’s various programs and having courses on entrepreneurship. This is on top of the degree program on Entrepreneurship offered in the Institute’s E.T. Yuchengco School of Business and Management in Makati.

Mapúa has also started putting up its very own “fab shop” or fabrication shop equipped with the necessary facilities needed to invent or innovate a product. “The next big thing for Mapúa would be the establishment of a fab shop where students can actually tinker physically to create new products,” Dr. Vea said. “We will be putting various equipment so students can tinker, invent and innovate.”

For those who wish to venture into systems and processes, Mapúa’s computer laboratories are fully equipped with various software that students can use for their projects.

Aside from providing the facilities, Mapúa will set up ties with various funding sources that would help in marketing the product, system, or process for public use. Lastly, an office that will handle the intellectual property aspect of these startups will be put up to handle patent management.

The Fullwave Tech and Startups Summit will enable community interaction between aspiring businesses and influencers through a variety of panel discussions and activities. Visit to register.