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Frequently Asked Questions
How do I apply for a fully online program?

You may apply online for a fully online program.

Are Mapúa’s fully online programs official?

Mapúa’s fully online bachelor’s degree and master’s degree programs are approved by the Commission on Higher Education and offer the same quality of education as their traditional (on-campus, face-to-face) counterparts. After completing the programs, students will get diplomas.

How much is the tuition of a fully online program?

Mapúa's fully online bachelor's degree programs have tuition fees that range from P25,000 to P32,000 per term, depending on the number of units taken and the selected payment scheme, based on a competitive per-unit rate of P1,750. Compared with the cost of regular bachelor's degree programs, the fully online bachelor's degree programs save on laboratory, miscellaneous, and utility fees.

Mapúa's fully online master's degree programs have an all-inclusive rate of P2,500.00 per unit.

How do I pay my tuition and other fees?

Mapúa has various payment options for the convenience of the students. Know the different payment options here.

Are there available scholarships for fully online programs?

To see the list of Mapúa’s scholarship offerings, visit You may also reach our Center for Scholarships and Financial Assistance through the following:

Landline: (02) 8247-5000 local 1203
Mobile: 09158309340 (Globe) or 09051128157 (TM)

I can’t pay my tuition in full. Is there an installment payment term available?

You can choose to pay your tuition fee on installment basis with the following options:

Option 1
  • Initial downpayment – 40%
  • Midterm – 30%
  • Finals – 30%
Option 2
  • Initial downpayment – 20%
  • Midterm – 40%
  • Finals – 40%

When is the enrollment for fully online programs?

The academic calendar of fully online bachelor’s and master’s degree programs follows the University’s quarter system, which has four quarters in an academic year. Student applicants may apply and enroll at any quarter. For new students of fully online bachelor’s degree programs who will apply and enroll in later quarters in the academic year, their student load will be subject to the number of courses or subjects they are allowed to take in those quarters.

Does Mapúa have an entrance examination for fully online bachelor’s degree programs?

During this time of the pandemic, Mapúa is addressing the obstacles in obtaining a Mapúa education. For the Academic Year 2021-2022, admission to Mapúa University will be done through The Mapúa Program Placement Assessment (MPASS) in place of the Mapúa Scholastic Aptitude Exam (MSAE). MPASS is administered to identify suitable program opportunities based on assessment results. A student can enroll in programs where his/her assessment score matches the program profile.

To know more, visit

Can an applicant fail the MPASS?

No, the MPASS is designed to identify the suitable senior high school academic strand or college program opportunities based on the applicant’s assessment results. If your MPASS results do not show your preferred program, please email the admissions office at on how you may be reconsidered.

How do I take the MPASS?

For the safety and convenience of the applicants, the MPASS will be conducted online. Applicants may take it anytime, anywhere.

When/how do I get my MPASS results?

The MPASS results will be available through the Applicant Portal right after taking the assessment.

Do fully online students have one-on-one mentoring?

There is one professor or facilitator for every course who will be available to answer students’ queries and to assist.

How do I start with my fully online classes?

You can start with your fully online classes by logging in to Cardinal EDGE.

  • Go to
  • Log in using the email address with the domain “” and the default password provided by DOIT.
  • Change your password by clicking on your name on the left navigation panel. Click “Change Password” under Basic Information.
  • Enter your default password followed by a new password. Re-enter your new password to confirm. Click “Save”.

How do I access the courses and materials?
  • On the left navigation panel, click “Courses”. You will then find all your courses for the quarter.
  • When you have clicked on a course, your left navigation panel will show you the different content areas and materials available for that course.

How do we submit our course works?

You can find submission links within your courses on the Cardinal EDGE.

Are all exams and activities taken online?

All examinations are conducted online. Academic activities such as assignments may be done online or offline. All submissions will be done online through the Cardinal EDGE.

How do I take my exams?

Examinations are taken online through the Cardinal EDGE.

Do online exams have a time limit?

Yes. Time limit depends on the type of examination to be taken.

What do I do if I lose Internet connectivity while taking the exam?

You need to immediately inform your professor regarding your Internet problem and to discuss how you can continue taking your examination. However, all students are expected to ensure the stability of Internet connection prior to taking examinations. If Internet connection is unstable prior to taking examinations, students must inform their professors ahead of time.

Are online classes recorded?

Online classes are recorded. Recordings can be accessed within the courses on the Cardinal EDGE.

What do I do if my Cardinal EDGE account is locked?

You may send an email to to have your Cardinal EDGE account unlocked as well as for concerns on Cengage, Wiley, Panopto, METIS, and Coursera.


Students of Mapúa's fully online programs enjoy the following benefits:

Self-learning materials such as recorded lectures, references, modules, and assessments are accessible online regardless of time and location.

Online programs promote self-paced learning. Student can visit materials at a time that doesn't interfere with other commitments, education, work and life.

By earning your degree online, you can learn on your own schedule and accomplish coursework suitable to your time. For some, online programs provide the opportunity to learn while still working and growing professionally.

Comprehensive student services are provided to fully online students. Life coaches are available to guide students through their academic and student life. They act as advisors to students on matters related to their fully online studies – academic advising and enrollment, career advising and placement opportunities, goal setting, time management and social skills coaching, and other transactions with the University.

Online education can cost less, as it eliminates miscellaneous fees and other school associated costs – transport, fuel, board and lodging, etc.


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