Extension Service Initiatives

Research - Based Extension Service

Guided by the Commission on Higher Education’s triad on rendering quality education, the integration of research, instruction and extension will give relevance in addressing the needs of the community. The learning provided through instruction will brought about the use of research that brings output in terms of extension service.

Health and Environment

Global issues on health and environment has become alarming. Such issues and concerns shall be addressed through the technical capabilities and human resources of the Institute. Modes of prevention, assessments and solutions shall be done to create a healthy community and clean environment.

Livelihood and Cooperative Building

Livelihood programs shall be introduced to the community. Building a cooperative shall serve as venue to market and sustain the products of the community as a result of the livelihood programs introduced. It shall ensure that products of the community be at par with the market in terms of quality but at lower cost. The cooperative shall be an access to basic commodities to address basic needs.


The Institute shall develop programs in education. The program for education shall empower the community to make intelligent decisions. It shall in its capacity, address the needs of out-of-school youth and adults. It shall foster teaching and learning by conducting trainings/seminar/workshops that are current in content especially for public school teachers and students.

Values Formation, Sports, Recreation, Culture and the Arts Program

Programs on values formation, sports, recreation, culture and the arts shall help the community spend their time in more relevant activities.

Aid and Infrastructure

The Institute’s extension services shall be made available to quickly respond to calamity stricken areas and address real time community requests and needs. It shall in its capacity, mobilize and prepare its people and resources to respond and administer any aid that may be delivered to the community.

The Institute shall help improve the conditions of the community through visible infrastructure related projects. Provisions for assessing structure’s electrical wiring, structure rigidity and overall safety shall be done. Design of infrastructure for public use can be addressed by the faculty at the comforts of the four walls of a room. Direct contact with the community need not be observed for design and concept making shall be done using the Institute’s facilities.

Consultancy Program

Consultancy shall be used to address community needs either on regional or national level. The Institute’s technical expertise shall be utilized on-site and off-site to assess and find recommendations and solutions for the community.


Aside from the provisional budget allocated by the Institute for extension services, the school shall find ways to outsource fund and resources to achieve its extension service initiatives. Outsourcing includes funding, manpower, materials, skills and knowledge and technology transfer.