Vision and Mission


We are a community of technical people who believe in the University’s principle of service efficiency as a way of achieving our goals and priorities and in the promotion of technological excellence.

  • To develop awareness of Philippine socio-economic situation by confronting basic community problems
  • To instill among faculty members, students and people in the outside community a strong desire to improve and maintain sanitary environmental conditions
  • To develop genuine concern for proper health care through improved nutrition, environment, recreational facilities and nutrition
  • To help promote national campaign towards self-sufficiency in the basic necessities of life
  • To help in the upliftment of the economic standing of the underprivileged citizens through employment and other job opportunities
  • To assist the City of Manila in the cleaning and greening campaign of the Walled City
  • To promote a smoke-free and drug-free environment within Intramuros
  • To solve the problem of poor drainage system in Intramuros
  • To assist in the improvement of the lighting system in Intramuros


On the Community
  • Close and cooperative relationship among the different schools within the University and the homes, and the communities that the University-carried-out project may service
  • Positive influence on the community by the example set by the University
On the Student
  • Added knowledge of certain skills; practical application gained from the study of their courses
  • Awareness of relationship among the school-homes community resources and their courses
  • Sense of achievement and nationalistic pride from doing tasks assigned to him


  • To perform our tasks and duties with all the capabilities we have and are capable of; and to complete our commitment on time.
  • To dedicate our time and effort to the responsibilities assigned to us, enhance professional growth and productivity by cooperating in all the activities of the University; adhere strictly the rules and regulation of the University and the ethical standards of our profession; and bring honor and success to the University as we work and travel, even beyond our territorial limits.
  • To share our knowledge and ideas with colleagues and respect the opinions of one another; help in the fulfillment of individual effort and give due credit to his or her achievement; make all our collective dreams and ambitions sources of strength and emphasize teamwork as we grow into a more progressive and responsible University.
  • To fulfill our obligation and responsibilities to our country without reservation; actively support the projects and policies of our society and help bring progress and prosperity to the entire Filipino race.

These are our commitments. The reflection of our dreams and ideas, and the way of life, which we stand for.

“We create what never has been”