Philippine Institute of Chemical Engineers - Mapua Student Chapter (PICHE-MSC)


The Philippine Institute of Chemical Engineers - Mapúa Student Chapter shall be a national frontrunner in organizational excellence by providing meaningful and relevant activities to Chemical Engineering students of the Mapúa University geared towards values formation, holistic development, social productivity, moral progress, environmental awareness, and academic excellence.


The Philippine Institute of Chemical Engineers - Mapúa Student Chapter nurtures and leads an army of Chemical Engineering Students to prepare them for their work as Chemical Engineers. The organization provides its members with up-to-date and relevant information and engages the members in meaningful and educational activities aimed to uphold the Chemical Engineering profession.


The Philippine Institute of Chemical Engineers – Junior Chapter Mapúa University is a part of the student body of its professional counterpart that focuses mainly on fostering bonds between Chemical Engineering students, not only in this Institute but also in other institutions that offers B.S. Chemical Engineering as a degree. The non-profit organization regularly executes programs that involve all of its members like team buildings, seminars, and reviews to forge bonds of knowledge and friendship between its constituents.

Being the premier Chemical Engineering organization of this Institute, PICHE-MSC strives to bring the best of its services upon the Chemical Engineering student body. Its officers and members provide guidance, both moral and educational, to those who seek it. This tradition of excellence is ensured to persist through next generations by carefully and meticulously selecting fine leaders that lead the organization on the peak of its field.

In this ever changing world where the only constant is change, PICHE-MSC continues to retain its traditions and inculcate the necessary changes to cope with the present generation. In lieu with this, the organization looks forward to do more service to its source of power, the student body. Amidst struggles and hardships, the Philippine Institute of Chemical Engineers – Junior Chapter Mapúa University will still continue to bring the quality service deserved by the students.

List of Officers and Advisers

Admiral President: Joshua Allen A. Alcaraz
JCL Representative: Jao Jancen B. Ruiz
COO Representative: Mira L. Esmalde
Executive Vice President: Mycah Aidene M. Pascual
Executive Secretary: Caredel Mae O. Poncejan
Associate Secretary: Daniel Eldrei D. Loresca
Auditor: Pauline B. Bonifacio

Academic Affairs: Victor J. Lau Jr.
Public Relations and External Affairs: June Neil G. Balacuit
Finance and Marketing: Kevin Leonard M. Lazaro
Membership and Internal Affairs: Jasan Robey A. Mangalindan
Socio-cultural Activities: Ian Paolo I. Azusano
Sports and Recreation: Jhon Louis F. Salom
Peer Advising: Raymund Angelo C. Memije
of Multimedia Arts: Gregory Emmanuel J. Mendoza

Associate Multimedia Arts Director
  Noreen Caryl G. Reyes
  Rose Ann S. Alcantara

Board of Representatives
Academic Affairs: Patrick Ivan T. Valdez
Public Relations and External Affairs: Maria Azalea Ayrah C. Palma
Finance: Maria Victoria L. dela Cruz
Marketing: Micaella Francesca Evora
Membership and Internal Affairs: Gynjere Normanflor C. Yu
Logistics and Operations: Jazmine Aiya D. Marquez

Batch 2012 Representative: Rand Harvey R. Lopez
Batch 2013 Representative: Frances Anne D. Magsombol
Batch 2014 Representative: Jasmine Marjorie C. Legarde

Contact Information
FB Page:  PIChE-Mapua Student Chapter (@ILOVEPICHE)
Twitter:  @pichemsc
Instagram:  @mscpiche