Youth for Christ - Mapua Institute of Technology (YFC-MIT)


The Vision is “A Renewed and United Society in Christ Through the Campuses”


The Mission is “Renewing Society in Christ Through the Campuses.”


The Youth for Christ - Mapua Institute of Technology (YFC-MIT) is one of the affiliations associated with Couples for Christ Global Mission Foundation. The YFC-MIT is composed of Catholic and non-Catholic students having common mission and vision which is to unite all things in Christ through the campuses.

  • To provide a healthy and Christian support environment for its members in the College. (e.g. Through prayer meetings, teachings, peer counseling etc.)
  • To help instill among its members and students in general, Christian values and principles, in preparation for the challenges they will be facing in the workplace and life in general. (e.g. through "Career Direction Seminars" by connecting them to Singles for Christ).
  • To evangelize and re - evangelize students by providing venues where Christ and His gospel can be proclaimed.
  • To be of service to the Church and the University by supporting and participating in its endeavors.

The Youth for Christ - Mapua Institute of Technology (YFC-MIT) is composed of ExeCore - the President, Senior Sister, and Executive Vice President(EVP), and the ExeComs - the five Vice Presidents having particular services(for Evangelization, for Finance, for Special Projects, for Documentation, for Socio-political) and five Assistant Vice Presidents.

YFC Community has a basic unit called HouseHold, led by a HouseHold Head with atleast 10 members.

The YFC-MIT has a faculty adviser acquired good for the entire academic year. General Assembly, and HouseHolds, and Fellowships are held every term. Youth Camps are held once a year.

List of Officers and Advisers

President: Mark Franz Templonuevo
Executive Vice President: Christian Paul Marco
Senior Sister: Maria Exequiella Domingo
VP Evangelization: Jervin Mark Chagas
AVP Evangelization: Myra Gracia Villas
VP Special Project: Martin Anthony Africa
AVP Special Project: Darleen Keith Magnaye
VP Documentation: Benz Golin
AVP Documentation: Rowen Junelle Beltran
VP Finance: Jelanie Sario
AVP Finance: Shyrr Aeia Khryzl Simeon
VP Socio Political: Rendell Garcia
AVP Socio Political: Katrina Mapalad
Adviser: Engr. Robert P. Domingo

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