Mapua Institute of Technology Mountaneering Club (MIT-MC)


The Mapua Institute of Technology is an organization that promotes environmental awareness among students of the institute and develop a nature-loving citizen and in still the importance of its protection and conservation. We foster good relationship with all individual and inhabitants in the place of visit, with other mountaineering groups and other such related organizations


The Mapua Institute of Technology intend to be a model and establish the correct ways to use, enjoy and preserve nature and promote Mountaineering as a physical as well as a mental sport. As we move towards our goal, we will provide assistance and volunteer in different fields of advocacy such as environmental campaigns, medical and rescue mission and other such humanitarian causes using skills and knowledge acquired through the sport of mountaineering.


The MIT-MC is a school-based, non-profit organization promoting outdoor recreation primarily for bona fide students, alumni and faculty of Mapua Institute of Technology. The concerned students of Mapua Institute of Technology, bound by the desire to pursue the sport of mountaineering, with high regards to proper utilization and protection of our natural environment, by promoting environmental awareness and instilling love for nature do hereby promulgate this constitution. The organization’s general objective shall give priority to education, science, culture, sports, and the environment. MIT-MC aims to develop a high sense of social, ethical and cultural responsibility through the sport of Mountaineering.

List of Officers

Franklin M. Villafuerte

Sean Joey A. Riboroso
Vice President - Intramuros

Neil Angelo B. Chan
Vice President - Makati

Margaret D. Mallo

Oliver James O. Ramos

Andrean Zyrus Benedict Y. Lindo

Leander Arcano M. Kasala

Gabriel Angelo N. Tapas
COO Representative

Marx Reinhart H. Fidel
Project Committee Head

Leander Arcano M. Kasala
Academic Committee Head

Jose Miguel A. Buenabajo
Training Committee Head

Christian Ezekiel M. Arcega
Safety Committee Head

Christian Luis C. Velasco
Membership Committee Head

Janine Clarence B. Intal
Marketing Committee Head

Roswald Justin V. Baylocon
Logistics Committee Head

Engr. Ricardo F. De Leon Jr.
Engr. Marloun P. Sejera

Contact Information
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Facebook Page: Mapua Institute of Technology Mountaineering Club