Mapua Integrated Computer Organization (MICRO)


The Mapúa Integrated Computer Organization shall be the principal organization of the Computer Engineering students in the Institute.


The Organization aims:

  • To promote the five core values of the institution which are Discipline, Excellence, Commitment, Integrity and Relevance.
  • To inculcate among the members the value of life-long learning especially in the field of computer studies and advancement of technology.
  • To create solutions on societal and global problems using the relevant knowledge gained in Computer Engineering.
  • To promote environmental awareness and responsibility for a greener future.
  • To involve members to an academically enriching experience that will enhance their intellectual ability, sportsmanship and showmanship.
  • To uphold dignity and integrity of Computer Engineering in the Institute and in the country.
  • To foster fellowship, unity, loyalty, honesty and camaraderie among members.
  • To coordinate with other school organizations in worthwhile activities.
  • To encourage love to God, country, and Institute among members.
  • To help the members in molding their talents, realize their potentials and use them in productive and helpful way.


Juan Gabriel P. Potestades

Lowell Nathaniel B. Singson
Internal Vice President

Rica-anne G. Ramos
External Vice President

Adonis D. Sigua

Homer John M. Samar
Assistant Secretary

Regine R. Madriaga

Harold Tom R. Aquino

Jannie Mae M. Villareal
Eragem V. Ignacio
Marjoree Anne T. Topacio
Paolo M. Público
Board of Directors

Ma. Trinidad Ursula R. Sanchez
Aldryx Marzle D. Drapiza
Education Committee

Patrice Rose C. Salvio
Mary Angel N. Perlas
Membership Committee

Jethro Hoyt T. Lacuesta
Doroteo N. Lapitan III
Project Committee

Dave Emilson S. Banguilan
Public Relations Committee

Christian Joseph N. Samilin
Abdulrahman Yusuf
Sports Committee

Shannen Audrey L. Muego
Junior Officer

Engr. Meo Vincent C. Caya
Engr. Carlos C. Hortinela IV

Contact Information

Facebook Page: /MapuaMicro
Twitter Page: @MapuaMicro